Taj: Modern Indian Cuisine

Taj was started by a group of best friends who had a vision to create a restaurant, which would help take away the many stigmas surrounding Indian food and make it more relatable to western society. However, they wanted to do so, while preserving the beautiful culture and authenticity of the restaurant. Not having much prior knowledge of the restaurant business, it was a journey to say the least; turning a photography studio into a restaurant was no easy task. Through all the trials & tribulations, the Taj group persevered, creating a beautiful restaurant highlighting Indian architecture and authentic Indian cuisine.

Staying true to their vision, the restaurant simplifies Indian food and relates dishes to western fare, helping to close the gap of unfamiliarity many feel. Distinguishably, understanding that many run at the sight of Indian food due to how spicy it is, Taj allows its guests to choose their level of heat on most of it’s dishes. Architecturally, some key features of the restaurant include all the beautiful Turkish lights imported from Turkey, inspiring antique gold ceilings, and a mesmerizing wooden room divider carved by the same family who carved similar dividers for Indian emperors 100’s of years ago.

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