Space to Compete

Space Coast Sports Commission

So many places to beat the other team. So much grass, all the beach, I think there’s a gym in Mims or something

Rowing on the Indian River Rowing on the Indian River
Space to Play

Youth Sports

Youth soccer, hockey at the Iceplex… other stuff…

A night time rocket launch over the Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral
Space to Run

Diverse Running Courses

Space Shuttle Runways, Towns, Bridges and Beaches, run your little heart out

USSSA Baseball Diamond USSSA Baseball Diamond

Space Coast Sports Commission

Florida’s Space Coast is home to many sports venues and attractions that really run the gamut for any sports enthusiast. From golf to college sports, youth amateur sports, and surf contests, the Space Coast has everything you could want. Plus, running events take place year round, providing a beautiful landscape and sunshine to let those endorphins flow.

If you’re interested in hosting your event on Florida’s Space Coast contact our Sports Commissioner, Terry Parks

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The Space Coast Sports Commissioner is here to answer all of your questions about hosting your events

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