RV Rentals on the Space Coast

RV at Jetty Park

You don’t need to own an RV to enjoy a rolling vacation! Rent one instead.

Experience the great outdoors Space Coast style by renting a drivable RV, bringing a truck to pair with a rented 5th wheel or travel trailer, or relaxing with the ease of RV delivery and set up at the campsite of your choice. Contact one of these Space Coast RV Rental companies to make your RV vacation dream come true.

Happy Camper Rentals | (321) 305-2732

Rent a fully-equipped motorhome or drivable RV complete with a pickup truck. Or bring your own vehicle and choose the RV size and amenities that work for you and your group, from basic to a luxury edition. Just add your family and maybe some camping chairs.

Shear RV | (321) 223-7207

Another provider of full motorhome rentals as well as truck and RV setups that range from very basic to total glamping luxury. Hit the open road and discover the Space Coast in exactly your style. Be sure to ask for helpful suggestions on where to stay and what to do along the way.

Space Coast RV Rentals  | (321) 505-4695

Decide where you want to stay and then choose from several fully-equipped RVs that will be sanitized and set up at the campsite of your choice. Let them know if you’re coming from out of town so they know if you will need any extras, like bedding. To make things extra easy, you can rent camping chairs and coolers from them too.

Traveling the Space Coast in an RV is a vacation that knows no limits. By keeping your home-away-from-home close and your adventures closer, there’s no telling how many amazing memories you’ll make with your loved ones. Next time you’re planning an RV trip, put the Space Coast in your plans. It’s a trip you’ll never forget!

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