Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit KSC

Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit KSC

5 Must-Dos to Make the Most of your Rocket Launch Experience

Boost your rocket launch experience with these 5 must-dos

Famous for its launches, Florida’s Space Coast provides plenty of opportunities to experience this spectacular sight; a sight that locals will tell you never gets old. Watch as the rockets light up the evening skies or give you an awe-inspiring addition to your daytime adventures. But in order to make the most of your rocket launch experience, here are few things you must do:

1. Visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

What better way to get a well-rounded and educational experience than coupling your rocket launch with a trip to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex? NASA’s launch headquarters is the only place where you can see launch pad areas, meet a veteran astronaut, walk beneath a real Saturn V moon rocket, view the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and even schedule to train in spaceflight simulators. Should you decide you want to from one of the closest public viewing areas just a few miles away, you can add that to your visitor pass to make this an experience you won’t forget.


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2. Download the Launch Console App

Want to be able to keep up with minute-by-minute updates to the rocket launch? Then you’ll want to download the Launch Console App for with your iPhone or Android phone. This app features live streaming of scheduled launches, a countdown clock, and a compass for you to be able to locate the exact spot to watch on the horizon. This is a great tool to have available at the palm of your hand especially since launch windows can shift. Download this app now so you can ensure that you are in the right place at the right time so you’ll never miss a launch.


3. Take an Aerial Helicopter Tour of Kennedy Space Center

Getting to see a launch is already a sight to behold, but imagine taking to the skies to not only get aerial shots of some of the most pristine beaches in the world, but also to take pictures of the rocket launch? What a one-of-a-kind experience that is a must if you want to make your rocket launch viewing one that is out of this world.


4. Eat at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

Does planning out any kind of adventure make you hungry? It does? Then, you’ll want to check out La Fiesta. La Fiesta is where you get to eat food that comes with some history of the area. Formerly “The Moon Hut,” La Fiesta changed the place up a bit, but still kept the historic memorabilia, like stickers and photos, of what was a well-known astronaut hangout. You can even step back into the 1950’s as they have kept one dining room area exactly as it was back in the Moon Hut days. Check out some of the photos of old and also their menu here.


5. Plan ahead for the best viewing spots

Finding the best spot to view one of the Space Coast’s spectacular launches isn’t difficult because there are plenty of great spots that provide some sort of view. It’s not uncommon to even be in Orlando and view one, but if you want a true up-close-and-personal experience, then let us help you choose what spot works best for you. With sites for viewing from Titusville to Cocoa Beach, check out our top picks .


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So now you are all ready to plan our your next rocket launch experience. All you need is the current schedule so you can finalize your plans. Check out the launch schedule here. And with any launch, it’s best to be flexible so you’ll want to make sure that you plan for a few days or even a weeklong getaway.

Need help finding accommodations or things to do? Check out our links below to help you make this one of your best trips yet!

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