Rocket Launches

Seven Ways to Celebrate the Mercury 7 for The Right Stuff


As we approach the 60th anniversary of Project Mercury, this story of human ingenuity, perseverance, and pride comes rocketing back to life with the premiere of National Geographic’s The Right Stuff on Disney+. The series rocketed off with a special two-episode premiere on October 9, 2020. The Space Race was a major driving force of Brevard County, affectionately known as Florida’s Space Coast, and NASA’s presence is still a major tourist draw to this day. Many space-related TV shows and movies have filmed on the Space Coast from some based in reality to others that were fiction. Portions of The Right Stuff were filmed here, from the beach to the launch and even a re-creation of how local dealership Rathmann Chevrolet looked in the 1960s when they leased Corvettes to the astronauts. Space fans can step back into history to celebrate the Mercury 7 with many special experiences at the Gateway to Space. See the spots below in this handy map.


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