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Experience nature on the Space Coast

Having one of the most diverse ecosystems in the western hemisphere, makes Florida’s Space Coast a national natural treasure. To explore this treasure, the area has nature tours and expert tour guides for land and water excursions, amazing wildlife observation treks and guided adventures that only the natives know.

For those looking for something unusual, adventurers can look no further than nighttime bioluminescent kayaking, which takes place from late June to September. This phenomenon is unique in that tiny luminous organisms are scattered underwater like sparkling stars amongst shimmering sea grass.

Dolphin tour

There are boat and kayak tours on which visitors can go to watch manatees roll around in the water, dolphins hunt down bait fish or otters play on the banks.

For birding expeditions, visitors can attend the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival – a 6-day annual event of educational field trips, classes and workshops that promote the conservation of nature.

Nature Tours on the Space Coast

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