A baby sea turtle after hatching on the beach
Manatees and Sea Turtles

More Manatees and Sea Turtles on Florida’s Space Coast

Ever seen a manatee in the wild?  Manatees (or sea cows) are gentle, lumbering aquatic mammals that number in the thousands here on the Space Coast.  They are a natural curiosity for visitors to the area.  For a comprehensive list of manatee viewing areas on the Space Coast along with interesting facts and information, check out the Space Coast Manatee Field Guide, created by the Brevard County Department of Natural Resources.

Space Coast Manatee Field Guide

Manatees are more often seen during warm weather months. They move to different areas of the Indian River Lagoon during very cold periods and are not as likely to be seen. It is possible to see manatees at the viewing areas during all daylight hours; however the likelihood of seeing one diminishes as sunset nears. Four of the area’s popular observation locations are listed below.  Just remember to look, but don’t touch or feed them.

The largest sea turtle nesting grounds in the U.S.

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society is a not-for-profit organization qualified to conduct turtle walks because its trained volunteers are permitted by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Walks are offered several nights a week during the months of June and July and depart from 3 locations in South Brevard County, typically from Melbourne Beach or Satellite Beach.


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