Canaveral Tours - Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

Canaveral Tours offers booked guests the opportunity to experience the history of Cape Canaveral on a journey of exploration. Your excursion includes visits to the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and Space Force Missile Museum. Along the way hear, see and stop at historic sites of early settlers, missile programs from the 1950’s, early space exploration and the future of exploring outer space.

The lighthouse and Missile Museum are located on the property of the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. They have limited public access. Canaveral Tours offers an official tour to visit these historic sites. All tours require advanced registration to procure security clearance and an escort for the visit. Unfortunately, the Space Force Station will not provide security clearance to foreign visitors. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident.

Embark on Canaveral Tours’ Lighthouse & Spaceflight Weekly 4-hour tour for a comfortable coach journey to historic sites. Explore the lighthouse’s first 5 floors, open to the public, with knowledgeable Docents. The museum details the light’s history, keepers, and its link to the space program. The spaceflight segment includes stops at historical launch complexes, the Space Force Missile Museum, and the launch pad of our first Mercury astronauts. Tours are available weekly, requiring a 2-day advance reservation.

For a condensed experience, opt for Canaveral Tours’ 2-hour Lighthouse & Hangar C excursion, a monthly event. Explore the lighthouse and Hangar C at your own pace, with Docents sharing the lighthouse’s significance. Hangar C, managed by the Space Force Missile Museum, showcases refurbished missiles, rockets, and space artifacts. Exclusive to US citizens and residents, with a 2-day reservation for security clearance.


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