1434 Pineapple Ave
Melbourne, FL 32935
Pineapples is bringing Florida flavors to the Eau Gallie Arts District in 2020. Featuring a rooftop bar and full size venue on the second floor offering live music, private parties, and more. Although the idea of creating a multi-level dining and entertainment experience in EGAD came into fruition in 2019, the history of Pineapples dates back much further. The pineapple plantations that our business (and the road it will be built on) get their namesake from might be a place to start, but what went down in 1972 is far more interesting. Two brothers from West Virginia moved their families to Florida after seeing opportunity in the subtropical state’s ever-growing infrastructure. In ‘72 they founded Young’s TV Cable using elder brother Gene’s income from an accomplished military career. In search of an office and yard, they stumbled upon a restaurant/bar for sale called the Amble Inn. It had space for an office and enough parking for work trucks, so they bought the place and renamed it Cable Inn. The bar grew a reputation as a rowdy neighborhood spot for the working class. Although it helped keep food on the table, the needs of the cable business fortunately outgrew the tiny room in the back of the bar, and eventually the Cable Inn was sold. Today, Gene’s son Steve has grown the business into one of the largest telecommunication contractors in the state. After nearly 50 years of building and maintaining our community’s infrastructure, the success of Young’s Communications (as it is known today) has enabled Steve and his son Austin to endeavor on this bold project. Cable Inn led to many beautiful things, and this return to the service industry will undoubtedly open the door to many more. We are proud to be a part of our community’s past, and ecstatic to be a part of its future!