rocket is launching at dusk while a woman on the beach watches and flashes a flashlight into the sky
Next Rocket Launch Attempt
SpaceX Falcon 9 - Starlink 6-33

December 06, 2023 at 11:01 PM

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Space Coast Launches

SPACECOASTLAUNCHES.COM has been decommissioned. Thank you for following us on that journey for the past few years. Please stay tuned for a new exciting Launch experience from Florida's Space Coast


Upcoming Launches:

SpaceX Falcon Heavy -USSF-52
X-37B: USAF's Orbital Test Vehicle
NET December 10, 2023


Exciting Future Launches

  • Jan 2024: Falcon 9 - IM-1: SpaceX will deliver science payloads to the surface of the moon
  • TBD: ULA - Vulcan Centaur: ULA launches the Peregrine lunar lander on Vulcan Centaur's inaugural flight
  • TBD: Falcon 9 - Polaris Dawn: Civilian Astronauts take off to perform the first civilian space walk
  • TBD: ULA - Vulcan Centaur - Dream Chaser 1: ULA launches the Sierra Space's Dream Chaser on it's first flight to space
  • No Earlier than March '24: Atlas 5 - CST-100 Starliner Crew Flight Test: Boeing gets to test its new Starliner capsule with humans

*All launch dates and times subject to change

Launch Viewing Location Map

While you can see launches from almost anywhere on the Space Coast, check out this Google Map for some local favorites & NASA suggested spots for the best rocket launch views.

Hazard and Airspace Restriction Information

Space Launch Delta 45 posts hazard and airspace restrictions for each launch here on the Space Coast. If you are planning on boating or flying on launch attempt days, it's important to check this information.  Follow their instructions to view the information for your launch!

Patrick Launch Info

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