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Tips for Beach Running on the Space Coast

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Running on the beach is an idyllic way to start the day

On the Space Coast,  you can catch a sunrise, see sea turtles and other wildlife, and even rocket launches while you head out for a beach run. However, if you’ve never run on sand before, there are a few things you should take into consideration. We asked one of the Space Coast’s most well-known race organizers, Running Zone, some tips for taking advantage of the 72 miles of shoreline the Space Coast has to offer. Here are some great tips for running on the sand of the Space Coast!  

What are the benefits of running on the beach?

There are tons of benefits to running on the beach. First, the sand provides a softer impact on your joints, and your back, sea breezes help to keep you cooler in the Florida heat, and you can’t beat the view!

Should I wear shoes when I run on the beach? 

Definitely, it is in your best interest to wear good-fitting running shoes when running on the beach, not only for comfort but also for protection. Seashells hurt!  

 Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

Cape Canaveral Beach with Rocket Launch

Take in the view on the flat beaches of Cape Canaveral

  • Search for a beach that is as flat as can be because running on a slant can irritate the IT band.  Check out the Patrick Space Force Beaches, Cocoa Beach, and the Beaches of the City of Cape Canaveral for a nice, flat place to keep your pace. 
  • Run on the hard sand. When the tide is low you’ll have the most room to roam and hard-packed sand for an incredible, low-impact workout. Running in soft sand is very difficult and a much harder workout.  Not many people want to run on soft sand.
  • Take note of if the wind is blowing offshore or onshore. If you run against the wind on your way out, it can help push you back in! 
  • Objects are farther away than they appear!  A building or the Cocoa Beach Pier might look like it is not too far away but that is deceiving on the beach.  Try to have a measuring device (GPS watch) or measure approx. distance in a car before you head out on your run. 
  • Weather is always something to look out for here in Florida. Check the radar, look outside and if there’s anything headed your way, it’s best to stay off the beach and plan your run for another time.
Beach Fishing Poless

Image by @har_dar_ 

  • Look out for fishing poles! Surf fishing is a huge draw here on the Space Coast. Typical surf fishing poles are 12 feet tall, so it’s very easy to spot them. You should ALWAYS find the fishing line to be sure to go under it,  or you can be safer and run up and around the fishing pole. Otherwise, you could get tangled up. 
  • Watch out for kids!  Small children dart about a lot on the beach and don’t pay attention to other people running by them.  If you don’t watch them carefully you may be taken out by one! 

Getting a run in on your vacation is a great way to enjoy our beaches and stay active. If you’re here for a 5k or marathon and want to train the Space Coast way, you just need to head to the Beach! Then Stop by Running Zone in Melbourne and tell them thanks for all the tips! 


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