BMX Trailblazing on Grapefruit Trails in Palm Bay

Bike trail in Palm Bay

Florida, and particularly the Space Coast, is flat. So, it may come as some surprise that in the rural neighborhoods in the southwestern part of Brevard County, one can find absolute gems of BMX trails. The Grapefruit Trails (GFT) are a unique collection of fairly intense bike trails that have won over locals, the BMX community itself, and even anyone who enjoys a good hike on one of Florida’s pristine pieces of woodland.

The trails are open to anyone but note that parking can be a bit limited. The GFT is a demanding course that incorporates just about every aspect of a BMX trails’ bag of tricks: jumps, dips, canals, step-ups, and tabletops, to name some. This is a 2.5-mile mix of intermediate to very advanced level riding, and the backdrop of old-Florida ecology in the form of oaks and palms, has the ability to transport you for a day. Biking is a distinctive piece of Florida’s Space Coast recreation that is quite popular, but doesn’t get the spotlight as often as the water sports that are known nationally. But you’ll find the sport thriving on the Grapefruit Trails, and any serious BMX rider who visits must make a point to stop by.

For those of the less adventurous nature, simply hiking the trails is a great option here. Just be aware for those on two-wheels; the community supporting and preserving the Grapefruit Trails (led by the Brevard Mountain Biking Association) is friendly and welcoming. The views and serenity make this an exceptional place to merely hang out for the day. Note that this is a rustic sporting experience on Florida’s Space Coast though, and amenities (restrooms, concessions, etc.) are not located on site.

That said, the trails are very well-defined and the environmental backdrop is jaw dropping. Plus, there are some various levels of skill intertwined in the tracks on the Grapefruit Trails. Fresh air, a good workout, and day under the palms: a great option for a summer afternoon.

So be safe, know your BMX limits, and prepare for a fantastic day along the canal at Florida’s Space Coast Grapefruit Trails.

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