Launch Viewing Venues

Titusville Rocket Launch Viewing

A United Launch Alliance Delta rocket launches from Kennedy Space Center

The Space Coast always lives up to it’s name and you shouldn’t expect any less when you visit. Come face to face with the latest technology and watch it blast into the sky at speeds faster than you’ll believe. Witness science fly through the stratosphere and have a front row seat on a beautiful beach shore when it happens. There are tons of great viewing locations to watch rocket launches in Titusville. Since Kennedy Space Center is just minutes down the road, almost anywhere in town is the perfect spot. Travel to Canaveral National Seashore and hang out on the sand and witness an unforgettable view in the night sky.

Titusville Space Coast Rocket Launches

This is the closest viewing area from a beach, with less than 6 miles from launch pads. Or pay a visit to the Exploration Center and have access to views 7 stories high. A view like this will show you the world, of Space Coast that is. Space View Park maintains its title as one of the most popular launch viewing areas on the coast. While you’re waiting for a launch to take off, stop in the local museum and learn about what exactly it takes to execute what everyone will soon marvel over. With an easy to track schedule on NASA’s website and GoTitusville, you will always know when the next rocket launch will be. Space history is surrounding all of Titusville, making for a great learning center for you and your family. Learn about space and the technology created to land a man on the moon during your visit to Titusville, and come home with a mind that has been changed forever. Titusville will help you create a journey into space that you won’t have to leave Earth for.

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