Going Beyond Your Cruise

Going Beyond Your Cruise

7 Things To Do Before Your Port Canaveral Cruise

Cruise into your holiday with ease

All aboard! This is what you’ve planned and waited for and it is finally here. The great thing about cruises is that it’s an all-in-one inclusive experience where fun is around every corner. But if you’ve ever taken a cruise before, you know that it’s best to ease into your embarkment so that you’re ready for everything the cruise has in store you!

So how exactly does one ease into a cruise? By creating a pre-cruise itinerary that allows for a little bit of rest and a little bit of play. Consider this your appetizer to your five-course meal. Here are seven things to do before your Port Canaveral Cruise getaway:

1. Snooze & Cruise

In order to make the most of your cruise, it’s best to ensure that you are fully rested up before your time aboard where food, music, live entertainment, and fun keep you awake more than resting.  Within a few miles of the port are several hotels and bungalows that offer package deals where you can get a good night’s rest a day or two before you sail off in to paradise while providing parking and free transportation to your cruise terminal.


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2. Enjoy the Beach

Another way to play and rest at the same time is by spending the day at the beach. Get your base tan started, start a good book, kick back and relax as you prepare to sail away from one tropical location to the next.


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3. Take an Excursion

Although cruises offer a plethora of excursions to choose from, there are some of you who would prefer to stay on the ship and experience all the shows and games they have on board. Or maybe you’re a thrill seeker and can’t get enough adventure. By planning a few excursions before you sail off, you are sure to get your time and money’s worth of fun and entertainment here on the Space Coast. From ziplining to deep-sea fishing, parasailing, airboat rides and even learning to surf, there are plenty of ways to pre-adventure before setting sail.


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4. Waterfront Dining at The Cove

Perhaps your schedule only allows for you to arrive the night before your cruise. Enjoy a happy hour on the water down at The Cove. Watch other cruise ships pass through, dolphins swim by and fishing charters arrive with the big catch of the day as you sip your drink of choice and eat local seafood or other gourmet meals.


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5. Kennedy Space Center

The Space Coast is named this for a reason. Get up close to space history by taking the day to add a little piece of Florida’s past to your pre-cruise adventures. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a rocket launch that even locals never tire of. And if you’ve been before, when was the last time you went? If it’s been more than five years, you’re missing out on some of the new attractions like the Heroes & Legends Exhibit and the Astronaut Training Experience, but even revisiting the faithful few exhibits is always fun.


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6. Check Out Cocoa Beach Surf Company

Oh no! You realized you forgot your bathing suit along with other supplies for your tropical getaway. Have no fear; Cocoa Beach Surf Company has you covered. Whether you need a swimsuit, sunscreen, or even if you want a new hat, you’ll find all that you need under the sun for your cruise vacation here.


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7. Last Minute Errands

Some cruise lines allow you to bring onboard a few things from the store, like water, soda, and a couple of bottles of wine. Make sure you check with your cruise line first, but the Space Coast is home to Publix, where shopping is a pleasure and a place for a good sub sandwich, to pick up a few snacks and supplies. For those who like a huge selection of healthy and organic snacks, check out Sunseed Co-Op. And what’s great about these two stores is that they are close to the port, so you don’t have to travel far to run a few last-minute errands.

Are you convinced that arriving early and easing into your cruise is the best way to have a great vacation? For more ways to get ready to sail off to your tropical paradise getaway, check out the vacation planner for all things Space Coast.  Happy cruising!

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