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Seeing Manatees on the Space Coast


Few experiences are more thrilling or memorable than seeing marine mammals in the wild. Visitors to the Space Coast have just that opportunity. This area is a home base for the beloved West Indian manatee, better known as the Florida manatee. These tropical mammals are a popular attraction because of their gentle dispositions. Once endangered, great progress has been made in their recovery through the combined efforts of concerned individuals, scientists, environmentalists and government programs. Happily, manatees are once again plentiful on the Space Coast. But they are still considered a threatened species, so visitors should take the opportunity to see these lovely creatures out in the wild during their visit.

Notice* From April 1 through Nov. 15, seasonal manatee zones require boaters to slow down in certain areas to prevent manatees in their summer habitats from being injured or killed by motorboats or personal watercraft. – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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