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Outdoor Activities in Palm Bay, FL

Kayaking on the river in Palm Bay, FL

Take a minute to slow down and enjoy nature in the town that has enough outdoor activities to keep your vacation outside for days! Visitors will find various trails ideal for hiking, walking, and cycling. Bring the family out for an evening stroll and enjoy the nature along your walk. Begin the morning with a run on a trail like Boundary Canal to energize yourself for a fun-filled day! Grapefruit Bike Trail offers an outdoor experience to get your adrenaline rushing. Cycle through hills, narrow paths, and steep valleys on this customizable skill level track. This is the great opportunity for a calorie-burning workout and chance to spend time outdoors.

Nature lovers can witness migrating birds find home for the winter at sanctuaries in the area. Take a stroll through the 2,000 year old wildlife abode and connect with all the forms of nature along the way at Turkey Creek Sanctuary. End your days with serenity on the water as the sun goes down. Grab a paddle board and try your hand at yoga and balance to calm the nerves from a long day of fun. Instructors will show you the way and ensure that every participant is getting a great experience out of the activities. On land yoga classes are also available for those that like nature from more of a distance but are still looking for a way to relax and unwind! Either way you choose to spend time outdoors, you can expect to have a great view in Palm Bay.

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