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Florida’s Space Coast is chock full of space history. While the Kennedy Space Center is an excellent way to learn about the space program, there’s one tour that offers an even broader view into the past. The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Tour is a tucked-away beacon to both the past and future. For a comprehensive understanding of Space Coast history, you won’t want to miss it! 

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse dates back to the mid 1800s. However, the structure you’ll tour is actually the third lighthouse constructed in Cape Canaveral after mariners voiced concerns about safety inefficiencies. To address these concerns, the current structure was built to last and ensure the safety of passing ships. Today, this version of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse one of the few fully-operational lighthouses in the US and is managed by the Air Force 45th Space Wing.  A tour of this Lighthouse isn’t only a tour through space and maritime history, it’s a tour into the future of the Space Coast.  

Tour Details

Cost: $57.95- Adult/ $47.95 Children (Price includes admission to the Port Canaveral Exploration Tower

Tour Length: 4 hours

Tour Parking/Pick Up: Port Canaveral Exploration Tower
Dress Code: Closed-Toed shoes with heel support, no high heels, no slide-on shoes, and NO sandals or flip-flops. 

Important Booking Information: The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is located inside the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. United States citizens must book tours at least two days in advance with proper identification. Citizens of foreign countries must submit identification and make their reservations four days in advance to receive proper clearance for the tour. 

Once all of the formal security clearances are processed, your tour will begin at the Port Canaveral Exploration Tower and will take you on an informational drive through the area. Before you get to the lighthouse, you’ll visit historic spaceflight complexes including the site of the Mercury missions, Saturn 1 & 1B launches and the Apollo launches. You’ll see space program memorials and monuments and even have a chance to see launch complexes scheduled to take us to the Moon and Mars! The tour route also includes views of a historic cemetery and local wildlife including Bald Eagles, American Alligators and more. 

Once you’ve reached the lighthouse, you’ll receive a one-hour guided tour where you’ll have access to the first five floors of the lighthouse, the Keeper’s Cottage Museum, gift shop, and grounds. The Keeper’s Cottage Museum is a new, immersive experience restored from the original residence of the lighthouse keepers. It details the lives of the men and families who operated the lighthouse through the late 1800s, two world wars, and countless other historical events. 

Tours are provided weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you need special accommodations because you have a large group or the days above don’t work with your schedule, go ahead and contact Canaveral Lighthouse Tours and see if a private tour can be arranged for you. 

Book a tour of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and learn more about how this lighthouse became a beacon for the community, how it shaped Florida’s history and what it has in store for the future of the Space Coast. 

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation in partnership with the Air Force 45th Space Wing helps ensure this historic structure is well maintained and remains open to the public with lighthouse events and historic and educational tours for students, locals, and guests to the Space Coast. Ready to add this to your to-do list while visiting the Space Coast? Check out more details and answers to frequently asked questions, so there are no hiccups when arriving for your tour.

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