The Block 1 SLS  for Artemis 1 inside High Bay 3 at the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center with American Flag in foreground

NASA's Artemis Program

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Photo Credit: NASA/FrankMichaux

America is ready to enter the next era of space exploration! 


UPDATE: NASA announced crew of Artemis II!! Artemis 2 is currently scheduled for November 2024

The Artemis II crew in an Orion simulator at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston
The Artemis II crew (left to right: Jeremy Hansen, Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman, Christina Hammock Koch) in an Orion simulator at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston
Credit: NASA/James Blair


For the most up to date information, head to NASA's official Artemis Blog

Artemis 2 Mission Map Infographic
Artemis 2 Mission Plan (Click for more details)


Since the 1950s, Florida’s Space Coast has been your front-row seat to American space exploration. NASA’s Artemis Program is the next chapter of the story. 

Building on everything we've learned about space through iconic programs like Mercury, Apollo, the Space Shuttle Program, and the International Space Station, the Artemis program endeavors to return humanity to the moon. But this time, we're building the first continuously inhabited location on the surface of another celestial body. What an incredible time to be alive. 

SLS rolling to launch pad for Artemis I
The Space Launch System makes its way to Launch Pad 39-B

The first chapter, Artemis 1, successfully launched from Florida's Space Coast on November 16, 2022. The Space Launch System (SLS) is the most powerful rocket the world has ever seen, and the Orion Spacecraft is one of the most sophisticated. Artemis 1 is testing these systems as SLS launches Orion into orbit around the Earth and then the moon.  This mission will take several years to complete, and once again the Kennedy Space Center is your front-row seat for the history-making moments to come! 

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Gateway with Orion Capsule Replica
Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

You can do more than just watch the launches too! NASA has come up with so many ways for us to learn about the Artemis program.  Exciting science projects, crafts, and challenges you can do at home with the kids. Ideas for teachers to engage their class, awe-inspiring videos, and project updates. There's even the chance for students to compete for scholarships, internships, and problem-solving projects to become a part of the history-making NASA crew.  All these projects are just one small click for you, and one giant leap for the future of space exploration!

Learn how to get involved with NASA and Artemis

Artemis 1 first Rollout
Photo Credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

Be a part of the Artemis program and see the SLS & Orion launch from Florida's Space Coast.  You can't get any closer to history than here! Take in spectacular views from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, see the launch from the ocean or lagoon on an exclusive boat tour, turn your launch experience into a beach day at our incredible beach parks and piers, or just watch right from your hotel! Check out some of the best launch viewing locations and book your Artemis Adventure.

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