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Rocket Launch Experience

Rocket Trail over the Atlantic Ocean at sunrise

Florida’s Space Coast is the United State’s gateway to the stars


The best place to witness one is on Florida’s Space Coast. Learn more about how to use this app and request our Astronaut Itinerary for the ultimate countdown experience.

1) Find your launch

Rockets are launching from the Space Coast at an incredible rate. Check the launches tab of this app to learn when the next launch is. Click through the details to discover more about the mission and the “watch” button to countdown with mission control.

2) Find your launch viewing location

The Viewing tab contains a map of popular viewing locations. Tap the “Space Coast Viewing Locations” button at the bottom of the screen to see NASA Suggested viewing locations, hotels/restaurants with stunning views, and even tips for where to view night launches.

3) Look UP

Tap the Compass tab to make sure you’re looking in the right direction. Different launch pads offer different vantage points and you’re not going to want to miss one second of the action.

Astronaut Itinerary

If you’re looking to make the most out of your rocket launch viewing experience, check out the Astronaut Itinerary. It’s full of fun tips, trivia and things to do that will make your trip as unforgettable as the launch you’re watching. Download it today!

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Launch FAQs


Where’s the closest I can get to a launch?

Launch viewing at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the closest vantage point for rocket launch viewing. Information about the launch viewing experiences is available on the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s website.

What is a Scrub and why does it happen?

Scrubs are when a rocket launch is canceled or postponed for another date. Any rocket launch attempt can be scrubbed for a number of reasons from mechanical issues to weather. If a launch is scrubbed. This app will be updated with the new launch time as soon as it is available.

What’s the Trajectory?

A Rocket’s trajectory is the direction the rocket will launch into space. This direction will depend on the mission. You can find more information about a rocket’s trajectory by tapping on details on the launch schedule.

What’s a Sonic Boom & will I hear one?

Sonic Booms happen when first-stage boosters from SpaceX rocket ships reenter the atmosphere to land back at the landing zones in Cape Canaveral and create a loud BOOM approx 8 minutes after liftoff. Sonic Booms do not occur with every launch. SpaceX reuses its boosters and has engineered them to land either on drone ships in the Atlantic Ocean or at predetermined landing zones (LZ) at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Base. If a booster is landing back at Cape Canaveral and a sonic boom is expected, details about this can be found by tapping “Details” in the launch schedule menu.

Who Launches From Here?

NASA, SpaceX, ULA, & Astra are the current organizations and businesses launching from the Space Coast. More information about these organizations can be found by tapping details on the launch schedule menu.

What are Some Unique Ways to See a Launch?

From a kayak or catamaran in the lagoon, rooftop bars with spacy cocktails, and on a surfboard catching waves, on the Space Coast there are thousands of unique ways to experience a rocket launch. Start planning your trip and find your favorite today.

Where Can I Learn More?

The Space Coast Visitor Information Center at 267 W Cocoa Beach Causeway is a wonderful source of information if you’re on the Space Coast to watch a launch. Stop by from 10 am – 6 pm daily.