Permitting & Icentives


Once completed please email the permit to Film Commissioner Meagan Happel at [email protected]. Please allow a minimum of one business week to process.

Download A Film Permit

Additional Permits

The following locations have their own permitting process or additional requirements you must follow:


a wide shot of the filming of a scene from the movie "Contact"


The Florida Office of Film & Entertainment offers an up-front sales-and-use tax exemption on certain production related purchases in Florida for qualified productions producing motion pictures, made for television motion pictures, television series, commercial advertising, music videos, or sound recordings in Florida. NOTE: hotel rentals and vehicle rentals are not tax-exempt expenditures, and still photography is not eligible. For more information, visit:


If you want to use a drone, please be aware of the many no-fly zones in the area. Individual municipalities may have additional restrictions. Night flying is not allowed without an FAA waiver.

Please provide a copy of the FAA drone operator license and detailed flight map plan with your permit.

Fees and Support Services

There are no permit fees. It is essential to contact the film office prior to any filming activities. County or City involvement including fire rescue, police/security, road/bridge closures, police escorts, crowd control, EMT/paramedics, and lifeguards may incur a fee that will vary based on location, duration, and type of assistance required. These activities must be requested 30 days in advance with specific dates and times noted including any backup days.