Filming on the Space Coast


What Services does the Space Coast Film Commission provide?
    • The Film Commission acts as a branch of the Space Coast Office of Tourism to provide filmmakers with information on locations, permitting, and coordinating assistance from County or Municipalities including but not limited to road/bridge closures, pedestrian traffic control, lifeguard & EMT services, police and security.
Do I need a permit?
    • Most productions will require a permit. This includes commercial still photography and student projects shot on public property. Credentialed news media are exempt. If you are filming with permission on private property you will not need a permit unless you will be utilizing technical trucks, parking on public property, using generators, lights, smoke machines, noise generators, fight scenes, loud music, or shooting exteriors or into interiors from public property, such as the sidewalk or street. At this time, non-profits, local businesses, and even crews as small as one person are required to apply for a film permit.
Can the Film Commission help me find a job on a crew/in acting, or help me get started in the industry?
    • The Film Commission is not an employment agency and does not work directly with crew or talent to secure work. We recommend setting up a profile on ProductionHUB and Reel Scout to search for openings as these are sites where productions will turn to for hiring locally. Please take a look at our resources page for local industry networking groups and talent agencies.
Can my private residence be added to your locations list?
    • The Space Coast Film Commission at this time does not hold record of private residences interested in being a filming location. Location scouts may search the area and leave a business card or flyer if they are interested in your home.
How do I find out what productions are currently shooting on the Space Coast?
    • Productions are varied and many have a quick turnaround time, and many times information cannot be shared until the production themselves makes an announcement. The Space Coast Film Commission does not track productions filmed entirely on private property, or at a location that has its own permitting process like NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
I’m a local independent filmmaker/screenwriter. Can you help me get my movie made or send my script to Hollywood?
    • The Film Commission is not involved in the actual production, financing or distribution of films, and does not market scripts to agents or producers. We recommend visiting The Gotham: The Source for Independent Filmmakers at
How do I become an Extra?
    • Productions often reach out to local talent agencies for extras. If a production asks the Film Commission for assistance, it may be announced in local media (newspaper, local TV news) or possibly Florida’s Space Coast social media.
How do I know how to prepare for inclement weather?
    • Florida’s Space Coast and the rest of Central Florida experiences high temperatures and high humidity from Spring until Fall. Please remember to stay hydrated and provide shade or opportunities to get into AC when filming outdoors in these months. Afternoon showers/thunderstorms are also prevalent in the Summer. Please be aware that the Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 – November 30. For more information, visit the National Hurricane CenterFlorida’s Disaster Preparedness site, and Brevard County Emergency Management.
Can we film with animals on the beach?
Where can I find stock footage?
May I use firearms, weapons, explosions, or smoke in my film/photoshoot?
    • The Film Commission requires a law enforcement officer on set during the filming of any scene involving weapons, choreographed fight, or pyrotechnics. Please request these services 30 days in advance. There will be a fee associated that varies based on location, duration, and number of officers. Smoke machines and small smoke grenades may be allowed but must be discussed with the Film Commissioner first.
Can we film people swimming, surfing, kiteboarding or doing other water activities in the rivers or ocean?
    • Depending on the location, you may be required to have a lifeguard and EMT on standby for any activities in the water. There will be a fee associated that varies based on location, duration, and number of lifeguards/EMTs. Municipalities and County reserve the right to wave this requirement if the person in the water is a highly trained professional at that activity (i.e. champion surfer, kiteboard instructor) and/or has documented proficiencies including but not limited to specialty and safety certifications. Please speak to the Film Commissioner for more assistance.
Can I drive a vehicle/jib on the beach for my production?
    • Most beaches on the Space Coast do not allow driving. Municipalities have given exceptions for filming, though it is rare. Please speak with the Film Commissioner who will discuss with the municipality or county. Additional fees may occur if assistance from police is required. Please be aware that sea turtle nesting & hatching season can begin as early as the end of March and lasts through November, and as such, many municipalities will not allow driving on the beach during this time.
Can I film on the beach at night? What about beach bonfires?
    • That is up to the discretion of the municipality. Please be aware that sea turtle nesting & hatching season can begin as early as the end of March and lasts through November. As the Space Coast is the top nesting area in North America, lights are not allowed on many stretches of beach during those months for the safety of the sea turtles nesting and hatching. If you are planning a night shoot on the beach, you will be more likely to be approved in the Winter. Bonfires are not allowed on the beach during sea turtle nesting season.