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Top 4 Sushi Places to Try on Florida’s Space Coast

Top Sushi Restaurants on Florida's Space Coast

The Space Coast is home to some of the best eats in Florida that are sure to suit every palate. And when it comes to sushi, it’s no different. There’s a top sushi place in every town on the Space Coast, and the restaurants below offer an authentic experience for anyone who loves this Japanese favorite.

Starting from the north to the south, these are the top 4 sushi spots to check off your Space Coast list:

1) Thai Thai III – Cape Canaveral

Menu – The selection at Thai Thai III is a huge mix of Thai and Japanese cuisine, and the sushi selection alone has everything you could want. From tuna and shrimp to octopus and conch, they offer classic rolls to truly unique, one-of-a-kind rolls. Vegetarian? No problem! Go bold or be safe, there are plenty of options to keep you satisfied.

Ambience – The atmosphere is very laid back with an intimate dining area. Whether you’re coming in for date night or straight from the beach, there’s a seat for you. There’s some Asian décor accompanied by beach signs that say things like, “Life is better at the beach.” They truly get the Space Coast vibe.

Occasion – Before you set sail out of Port Canaveral (just minutes down the road), you’ll want to stop by Thai Thai III. Family and friends will love the relaxed feeling you get when you walk inside and enjoy top notch sushi.




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2. Pacific Rim – Merritt Island

Menu – Voted “Best Sushi” in Merritt Island for three years in a row, Pacific Rim is located about 10 minutes from Cocoa Beach. Their menu serves the finest sushi and mixes traditional Japanese and Thai dishes with modern fusion and local flavors.

Pacific Rim’s menu includes over 60 different type of rolls including everything from simple sushi and specialty rolls to combos and sashimi. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally, and you can’t get any fresher than that! This menu is your gateway to endless sushi possibilities.

Ambience – The atmosphere here is chic and modern. No need to throw on your dress clothes because Pacific Rim has a casual vibe; however, if you’re looking for something more intimate, they’re ready to serve you. The patio makes for a cozy option with its contemporary look and feel. Large party? They can accommodate you, too.

Occasion – This place is great for lunch and dinner. After some family time at the beach, pull up a seat and be prepared for quality food at affordable prices.



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3. Umami – Melbourne

Menu – Chef Chris wants to take your palate across a broad spectrum of flavors while dining at Umami. The word umami means pleasant savory taste, and the menu here does not fall short of that meaning. Using high quality ingredients, sushi is the main focus of the restaurant, but there are other tasty Japanese cuisine on the menu for those who don’t like sushi.

Umami’s menu is built on traditional Japanese concepts while using progressive and innovative technique. The signature rolls include the Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice, the Double Dragon, Cajun Salmon and Boba Fett to name a few. The Makimono section of the menu includes Crunchy Tuna, Crunchy Eel, and Philadelphia.

Ambience – Quiet and low-key, this place makes for a quiet escape and the food gives you the feeling of being in a big city.

Occasion – Alright you love birds! This place is for you. Impress your significant other with a wonderful dining experience. And for those who just love great sushi, you will want to get to this spot every time you come to Melbourne & the Beaches.



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4. Matt’s Casbah – Historic Melbourne

Menu – Matt’s Casbah offers quite an extensive menu that works for every type of palate. You definitely want to get there for sushi, but there’s plenty of other items on the menu that include burgers, pizza, and seafood entrees.

Start off your meal with a seaweed salad or ceviche. For the main course, choose from a specialty, signature or traditional roll like the New Haven or California rolls. Add sashimi to turn up the volume in your sushi experience.

Ambience – Hip and stylish, with bright colors and fun décor, the dining area is spacious and comfortable. And if the weather is great, enjoy your meal out on the patio with live music and be surrounded by the lively Downtown Melbourne area. Plus, there’s live music most nights and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9:30 p.m.

Occasion – Matt’s Casbah is perfect for that girlfriend getaway, or date night with your lover. Take your special occasion to the next level and treat yourself to a great time.

So there you have it, the top four sushi places on Florida’s Space Coast; however, there’s so many more restaurants to discover. To learn more about dining on Florida’s Space Coast, click here.

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