Space Coast Sunset


Top Places to Watch the Sunrise on Florida’s Space Coast

The early bird gets more than the worm

You’ve heard it said that the early bird gets the worm. Well that is true, but here on the Space Coast, the early riser gets to experience a picturesque sunrise on our beautiful beaches.

Why not wake up early with your special someone and capture the day’s first kiss with a sunrise walk on the beach? Or grab your surfboard for an early morning session, paddle off into the horizon, and catch the perfect sun-kissed wave. You may even get to surf with the dolphins that frequent our beaches. Or better yet, make it a family affair, and make early morning memories that will last a lifetime.

Now you may be wondering where you should go to experience one of the sunrises here on the Space Coast. Check out these places that will for sure give you a sunrise to remember.

Cocoa Beach Pier

Get a bird’s eye view of the sunrise as you look over the Atlantic Ocean at the Cocoa Beach Pier. And if you’re up for an adventure for the day, pack the night before with all your beach gear, wake up early in the morning and find not only a good parking spot, but also a prime location to enjoy a full day at the beach. Don’t worry if you get a little sleepy. What’s better than a nap under your umbrella with the warm breeze off the water? And food? There are plenty of places to grab a bite. Ahhh…perfection right there.

Now, though you may be an early riser, Rikki Tiki Tavern at the end of the pier is not. The boardwalk is open but the bar at the end opens at 11 a.m.  

Canaveral National Seashore

For a great beach to watch the sunrise and even catch one of the many rocket launches, you’ll want to head to the north to Canaveral National Seashore. Enjoy walking along the shoreline as you take in the beauty of the natural landscape and wildlife as the sun wakes up and starts to shine down on you. There is a fee for your mode of transportation, but it’s worth the investment for the access to this area.

Sebastian Inlet State Park

For a spot that not only promises spectacular views of the sunrise, Sebastian Inlet State Park will give you untouched beaches that are perfect for a morning stroll. Collect those perfect shells, observe the peaceful waters of the Indian River Lagoon as it meets the Atlantic Ocean, and you may be able to catch a glimpse of nesting sea turtles. And if fishing is for you, catch a fish or two from the shoreline. Now if you are looking to have a weekend adventure and take in more than one sunrise, then pack up your camping gear and stay a night or two; you’ll be glad you did. With a list of amenities and experiences for any age, you will easily have a fun and restful trip.

If getting up early is not your thing, maybe these three reasons will change your mind. An hour or two less of sleep is well worth it in order to take in a Space Coast sunrise, especially if you capture it with your camera. And plus, that’s what power naps are for should you get a bit tired later that day. And if you need help trying to find the best place to stay so that you could easily roll right out of bed and catch one with ease, then check out the Space Coast vacation planner or check out the links below.

Roll out of bed to the perfect sunrise

Grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast post sunrise

Take a nap and then enjoy some other fun activities

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