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A mural in Downtown Titusville

Downtown Titusville is a booming town of art and culture, and area the best place to see it come to life. With a rich history, the town does all it can to preserve their antiquity. Unique shops and restaurants fill the streets of downtown, making it the perfect quaint getaway for your vacation. Take a breather from the bustling speed of real life and slow down with a stroll in the historic district. Free your day for a show at the Historic Titusville Playhouse. Watch talent and stories come to life in an unforgettable theatrical performance. Take your pick from comedies, dramas, musicals and more. This historic playhouse has been a treasured entity that embodies the culture and spirit of Titusville for many years. A piece of history that can’t be left out is the beginning of the Space Race in the US. Titusville had front row seats to the explosion of technology and science that took the world by storm.

Things to do in Downtown Titusville

With NASA just minutes down the road, space history has become Titusville’s history. Guests can take a tour of one of the space museums like the U.S. Space Walk of Fame and learn more about the people that made it possible to put man on the moon. This educational hub provides tons of opportunity for learning about the science behind space travel. Downtown also offers a great space to have a craft brewed beers with your old and new friends. Enjoy more that 10 house-brewed beers while appreciating the relaxed environment in this former hardware store. Visit cozy restaurants during your visit to downtown Titusville and indulge in some of the best foods available this side of the coast. Come see us in downtown Titusville and see how wonderful it is and everything we have to offer.

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