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4 Ways to Fish on the Space Coast


Get hooked in an angler’s paradise

Whether venturing out on a freshwater excursion or far out to sea offshore, Florida’s Space Coast is filled with some fantastic ways to go fishing. Located in an area where both the amount and diversity of fish are plentiful, there is ample opportunity to reel in the perfect catch. The local bodies of water are home to hundreds of species of marine and freshwater fish and with such bounty, amateurs and professionals alike, are in for an incredible aquatic adventure. 
You might be asking yourself how you can get started in navigating the Space Coast’s fish-filled waters. With 72 miles of marinas, lagoons, lakes, rivers, oceans, and canals, the options can be a little overwhelming. So, let’s break down some of the top choices of anglers far and wide so you can see which works best for you.

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