24 Hours In Cocoa Beach

24 Hours in Cocoa Beach

24 hrs in Cocoa Beach

If you’re short on time but still looking to have the time of your life, then welcome to Cocoa Beach! This authentic beach town has endless sunshine, waves, and space for you to explore. Cocoa Beach will also offer you and your friends a good time you’ll never want to end.

Things to do in Cocoa Beach for a 24 Hour Visit

Start your day early with a visit to a beachside breakfast spot. Hang beachside, take a helicopter ride to get the best views of Cocoa Beach and kick back for happy hour at oceanfront restaurants while indulging in some of the best beach grub this side of Florida.  End the day with a walk on the beach and slow down from the exciting events in the day. Make a stop at the famous Cocoa Beach Pier and gaze out at the vast ocean waters and keep an eye open for marine life! It only takes 24 hours to make memories of a lifetime, and we want to make yours to count.

If science and space exploration is an interest of yours, spend the day at Kennedy Space Center instead! Sign up for a lunch with an astronaut, mesmerize over space memorabilia, and eat the only ice cream that wouldn’t melt in space! Bus tours transport visitors to launch pads and give them a personal experience they can happily look back on. And if you plan your visit right, you may catch a rocket launch. With a multitude of launch viewing areas on the shores of Cocoa Beach, visitors will have lots of options to get the best view.

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