Kid's Clay House

Kid’s Clay House offers pottery classes, open studio time, Parties, Events, Take home Building kits, and more

We are Primarily a Kids Studio but we do offer parents the ability to come with their kids to open studio time, they can also sign up with their kids for classes, and we do have family memberships that kids and parents can both use.

We do Ladies Nights, Date Nights and other adult events periodically with 20% of the proceeds going towards scholarships for kids to take classes or attend camps.

Birding & Wildlife Viewing

5 Things you Should Know About Sea Turtle Season on the Space Coast

Space for Sea Turtles Florida’s Space Coast is a sea turtle’s paradise, with 72 miles of coastline, there’s plenty of space for these incredible marine animals to make their nests and lay clutches upon clutches of eggs. Sea Turtle season is a particularly exciting but sensitive time on the Space...

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Green Sea Turtle Swimming


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