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Titusville is one of the Space Coast’s most treasured gems. Home of astronauts, beach vibes, and great food, this town is the next stop for family vacation. Take star gazing to a new level and watch rockets blast off before your eyes in the night sky instead. With a plethora of beautiful viewing areas for rocket launches, you will be guaranteed to have a front row seat and an unforgettable view. Space memorials, beach piers, and space centers are just a few of the observing spots we have to offer. Relax from the stress of work and life and take a stroll in nature with a bike ride, kayak tour, or walk along the beach. Titusville offers endless opportunities for nature lovers. Three different bodies of water accompany the town and you’re welcome to try them all out, explore, learn about wildlife, and connect with nature by camping outdoors. There is something for everyone in the family here in Titusville.

Things to do in Titusville, FL

With family-friendly places all over town, you will never find yours out of options. Take the kids out to learn about wildlife and space, or on an adventure through the stars. Hang out on the shore and make sandcastles, memories, and get a golden tan while you do it. Or you can visit downtown and watch the culture of the town come to life through art and the friendly locals. Grab a bite to eat at one of the local favorites in the downtown district and the watch a play afterwards.  We want to ensure that you’re relaxed on your stay and that’s why the best hotels are available to you and your family. Let us accommodate your needs and introduce you to life in Titusville.

kids hang out in the Apollo/Saturn V  Center at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
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$39 Million Beach Restoration Project Protects Wildlife While Protecting Way of Life

$39 Million Beach Restoration Project Protects Wildlife While Protecting Way of Life. Beach restoration on Florida’s Space Coast began as an effort to protect the 72-mile-long coastline from threats posed by beach erosion and storms. Today, the project is receiving national recognition for creating healthy habitats for coastal wildlife and...

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