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72 miles of beaches on Florida's Space Coast

What’s Different About Florida’s Space Coast Beaches?

When being different is more than okay

“Being different gives the world color.” ~Nelsan Ellis~

Florida’s Space Coast has become one of the top places for people to visit when looking to spend some time at the beach. And most people are creatures of routine and habit; so continually going back to the same place ends up being the default. The great thing about choosing the beaches on Florida’s Space Coast is the fact that you do get that familiarity aspect, but there are unique differences compared to other beaches in Florida and around the world. In a day and age where being different is highly encouraged, here are a few differences about Space Coast beaches to celebrate and enjoy.

Authentic and Simple

Although the Space Coast attracts visitors from all over the world, one of the reasons why the beaches here are considered authentic is the fact that the area has made it a priority to keep things as simple as possible. And by simple, that means keeping the laid-back, carefree, come-as-you-are vibe that the Space Coast is known for.

Another reason why the beaches here are considered authentic is that every time you come to visit, you get that same great experience. You can easily find your favorite spots to kick back and relax and soak up the sun, eat at the restaurant where you can never seem to get enough of, find things to do that are yours and your family’s favorite, and places to shop where you can get your annual souvenir.



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No tall skyscrapers or hotels

When you head to larger cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, or Daytona Beach, yes, you may get more options for things to do, places to eat, and where you can sleep, but you also tend to pay more, deal with more crowds, and have blocked viewing because of the tall skyscrapers and hotels. The Space Coast offers you all that these major cities do, but without the hassle of any of that.



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There’s a reason why the Space Coast beaches were made famous by surfers like Kelly Slater and C.J. and DamienHobgood. Surfing has been a sport that has been loved by many over the years and continues to be the area’s top sport. But it’s because the waves here are perfect, whether you are a beginner or expert in the art of surfing. The waves aren’t just for surfing! You can easily enjoy body boarding, also known as boogie boarding, and paddleboard surfing along with a multitude of other water sports for those of you who are water enthusiasts.

On any given day, there are waves to be surfed on, unlike the more southern beaches like Palm Beach or Miami Beach. Those beaches are beautiful, but they don’t provide the consistency in waves necessary for you to get out on the water daily and get some wave action, proving yet again what makes the Space Coast beaches different from others.



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72 miles of beach to access

What’s unique about the Space Coast beaches is that you have different types of beaches for every visitor. For those who want a more natural and quiet beach, Cape Canaveral National Seashore provides that perfect setting. For more family-friendly, Cape Canaveral has beach access points that are suitable for families who prefer to stay away from larger crowds. Jetty Park, located in Cape Canaveral not only provides a large beach with a fishing pier, playground, and pavilions, there are an extra set of eyes looking out for you and your family with the on-duty lifeguards that are stationed year-round.

And if you are looking for more of a one-stop-shop kind of beach, Cocoa Beach provides beaches that are jammed-packed with amenities. The Cocoa Beach Pier brings, eating, shopping, playing, and relaxing all in one location. Heading more south to Melbourne and the Beaches, you will find more serene and natural beaches where enjoying the wildlife and other vegetation native to the area is at every turn.



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Rocket Launches

The Space Coast got its name for its long-standing history with space aeronautics. Rockets and space shuttles have been launched from this area dating back to the 1950s and although the shuttle program has been retired, the rocket launch program has only amped up. With launches happening year-round, you can easily plan a vacation around one of these launches. And if you ask any local, the awe and wonder of seeing a rocket launch never grows old. And the beaches here on the Space Coast provide perfect viewing spots, making this area the only one of its kind to provide this locals and visitors alike.



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So as you start making plans for your next vacation, don’t put the Space Coast on the chopping block because you’ve been here before or because you’re looking for something different. The matchless and timelessness of the beaches here will continually remind you why you chose to vacation here in the first place. For more ways to enjoy the area, check out the Space Coast Vacation Planner or check out the links below so that you can start planning your trip now.

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