A kid smiling and having fun underneath the engine of a Saturn V rocket at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Titusville, FL
Space Attractions

See Why They Call Us Florida's Space Coast

Florida's Space Coast has been the gateway to space since the 50's when the American Space Program began. You can go almost anywhere in this area and find some sort of connection to space. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is home to some of best space attractions in the world, from seeing Space Shuttle Atlantis on display suspended in mid-air to walking underneath an actual Saturn V rocket and seeing how NASA got Americans to the moon. You can also explore the American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame in downtown Titusville. They have a vast collection of NASA and space memorabilia preserving the history of Americans in space. You can take a walk down the Space Walk of Fame at Space View Park and see monuments that have been dedicated to some of the most important programs in American space exploration, including Mercury, Apollo, and the Shuttle Program. 

There is no doubt that the biggest space attraction that everyone wants to see when they visit Florida's Space Coast is a live rocket launch. There are more rocket launches happening now then ever before with the likes of SpaceX and United Launch Alliance launching monthly. The second space race is in full effect to see who will be the first to get back to the moon and eventually to Mars; and it's all happening right here on the Space Coast. Make sure to look at our launch schedule which is updated regularly and find the best launch viewing venue to watch a rocket launch. Download the new Space Coast Launches app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store so you never miss a single launch.


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