2021 Spring new ad campaign

Space Coast Office of Tourism Launches New Advertising Creative and Spring Campaign


BREVARD COUNTY, FL – (Feb. 11, 2021) The Space Coast Office of Tourism is launching a new creative campaign called “On the Space Coast”.  The campaign highlights the uniqueness of rocket launches contrasted with all the great things to do in the area including the beaches, fishing, kayaking, cruising, and the world class Brevard Zoo.  The Tourism Office did extensive consumer research to understand how the Space Coast should be positioned.  It was found that while Space Coast is recognizable, there were other areas such as Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral that had even greater name recognition.  It was also found that people wanted to know what was different about the Space Coast.

With the direction to create advertising that differentiates the Space Coast from other beach destinations and is inclusive of all of Brevard County, the agency developed creative that juxtaposes rocket launches with all the great things to do.  The agency also came up with a new way to position the name Space Coast while still recognizing the individual cities within our County.  Using the payoff of “On The Space Coast”, the city name will appear first with those words after – so, “Cocoa Beach on the Space Coast”, “Melbourne and the Beaches on the Space Coast”, etc.  This stemmed from the research that showed that some key areas have very high name recognition. While the Space Coast is the umbrella brand for the entire County, the cities could benefit from the strength of the Space Coast name and vice versa.

“I think we have found a unique way to highlight who we are as a destination,” said Peter Cranis, Executive Director of the Space Coast Office of Tourism.  “And by highlighting all the municipalities along with the name Space Coast, it elevates everyone.  We are stronger together.”

The Spring Campaign will begin running Feb. 15 with digital advertising and television starting a few weeks later.  It will run through March with a media budget of $650,000.




Media Contact:
Meagan Happel, PR Manager