Artemis 1 sits on the launchpad

Celebrating 50 Launches in 2022

The Space Coast Office of Tourism is excited to celebrate the incredible milestone of 50 launches so far this year. The past two years were records in their own right reaching more than 30 launches each and securing the Space Coast as not only America’s launch pad but the busiest launch location globally. The record was originally set in 1966 with 29 successful launches out of 31 orbital and 2 suborbital attempts and was finally beaten in 2020 and tied in 2021 with 31 successful launches. The 50th launch happened to coincide with the first-ever Artemis program launch on November 16, 2022, sending the first SLS and second Orion into space to begin the return to the moon. In a full circle moment, this also occurred just weeks before the 50th anniversary of Apollo 17, the final mission of the Apollo era. There are still a number of launches that have the potential to fly this year, including two from SpaceX in a less than six hour period on November 22. As of the morning of November 21, there have been 40 Falcon 9 launches (including Crews 4 and 5 and Axiom 1), six Atlas V (including the CST-100 Starliner Orbital Flight Test 2), one Falcon Heavy, One SLS (Artemis I), and 2 Astra.


Media Contact:
Meagan Happel, PR Manager

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