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Coming Soon: Artemis 1
August 29, 2022 8:33 AM

Artemis: The Next Giant Leap

SLS and Orion from Artemis 1 at pad 39-B during wet rehearsal

Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

The next era of space exploration is launching from the Space Coast. NASA’s Artemis Program endeavors to take us back to the moon, construct Gateway – a lunar orbiting space station, and build the first habitable environment on the moon’s surface.  Artemis-1, the first mission of the program, is tentatively scheduled to launch August 29, 2022. There’s so much to this exciting mission, and we can’t wait to be a part of it. Check out the following link to learn more about Artemis, and plan your trip to witness history once again on Florida’s Space Coast.


Learn More About nasa’S ArtemiS pROGRAM

Florida’s Space Coast is the gateway to space. Since the 50’s, we’ve been on the forefront of American space exploration. We are home to NASA and the Kennedy Space Center. Companies like SpaceX, Boeing, United Launch Alliance, and Blue Origin call the Space Coast home and are launching rockets on a monthly basis. There are more rocket launches now than ever before! The next time you’re visiting the Space Coast, you need to see, hear, and feel one of the most dramatic events on earth. 

Launch Viewing Location Map

While you can see launches from almost anywhere on the Space Coast, check out this Google Map for some local favorites & NASA suggested spots for the best rocket launch views.

Hazard and Airspace Restriction Information

Space Launch Delta 45 posts hazard and airspace restrictions for each launch here on the Space Coast. If you are planning on boating or flying on launch attempt days, it’s important to check this information.  Follow their instructions to view the information for your launch!

Patrick Launch Info

Need more Space? 

Head to to see our full launch schedule.

And here are some additional resources for travel planning for launch attempts:

Press Releases

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