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Is Cocoa Beach Really Orlando’s Closest Beach?

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Baseball players at the USSSA Space Coast Complex

USSSA Space Coast Complex

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Adventure HQ

Downtown and Main Street Cocoa Beach was the place to be back in the 50's and 60's when the Space Program took off and made the Space Coast its home. 

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Brevard Zoo

Only at Brevard Zoo can you kayak through Africa or zipline through South America, over gators and crocs. Adventure around animal exhibits and see the animal residents up-close and personal.

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Country Inn & Suites Cape Canaveral

The Country Inn & Suites in Cape Canaveral is the newest and closest hotel to Port Canaveral. Their award-winning staff provides a family-friendly atmosphere certain to delight business and vacation travelers alike. 

Radisson Resort at the Port

The Radisson at the Port is conveniently located near Port Canaveral cruise ships as well as the sandy beaches of Cocoa Beach, and a variety of shopping and dining choices

Alamo Mexican Kitchen

For over 40 years, the Alamo Mexican Kitchen has served authentic Mexican on Florida's Space Coast. Each order is prepared individually, and their menu includes 10 meals under $10.

Arbetter's Hotdogs

This local favorite has earned a one-of-a-kind reputation for serving up some of the best dogs on Florida's Space Coast. So, pull up a chair at the outdoor patio or in Arbetter's dining room. If you're in a rush, breeze through the drive-though.