Bike share in Cocoa Beach

Bike share in Cocoa Beach

Zagster Bike Share Debuts in Cocoa Beach

Pedal your way to your own adventure

Being able to pick up and go is a luxury we boast about here on Florida’s Space Coast. And with access to beaches and historic landmarks, getting around to experience this beautiful area is something we have worked hard to ensure you get the most out of when you are here.

The Space Coast recently partnered with Zagster Bike Share to bring fun, flexibility, and an efficient way to help visitors and locals explore more of what Cocoa Beach has to offer. What is Zagster? It is a bike-sharing program that makes bikes available to visitors, as well as locals, to help offset traffic and parking congestion year-round, protect the environment by limiting air pollution, and make the bike the most loved form of transportation. They are achieving this one community at a time, and we think this is a great addition to Florida’s Space Coast.

Why should you try this?  Here are our top reasons:

1. It’s easy to get around town

Skip the traffic and hop on one of the cruisers where cars stop for you. With access to bike lanes, beaches, and scenic trails, you’ll find it easy to map out where to go and what to do.

2. Located in top locations

Get your day started with a pleasant morning ride, or take a quick trip to grab a bite to eat. Or grab your cruiser and head to the beach! Whatever you decide, it’s easy with convenient pick-up and drop-off locations all along the main A1A strip. There’s nine stations throughout Cocoa Beach. Top locations include: Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier, Shepard Park, Cocoa Beach Surf Company, Cocoa Beach City Hall, and Lori Wilson Park.

3. It’s inexpensive

Save your gas and ride a bike. For a mere $2 an hour (or up to $8 a ride), you can create quite the little outing for yourself. Enjoy the scenery, burn a few calories, create fun memories, all while smiling at those who are driving around.

4. You get to pedal your way to your own adventure

The great thing about Zagster is that you aren’t restricted in where you can go. You are free to ride wherever you’d like. Should you see the perfect photo spot or want to take pictures of the sunset, you can make a stop along the way, lock the bike up to a secure object, and enjoy. The adventures available to you are limitless.

So how does this work? Let’s make this easy:

Bike Share GraphicYes, it is that simple. And with the Cocoa Beach area being known as a laid-back, feel good place to both live and vacation, you will experience that with a fun twist. That’s why the partnership with Zagster ensures the bike-sharing program is tailored to meet the needs of Cocoa Beach.

So, are you convinced yet to check this out next time you are in Cocoa Beach? Go on and get a head start by downloading the App to your phone and start planning your excursion here on the Space Coast: iPhone or Android.

For more detailed instructions and frequently asked questions, check out the Space Coast Zagster website here.

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