Couple at the beach

Couple at the beach

What to Pack for Vacay to Florida’s Space Coast

Packing for vacation has never been easier

It’s barely winter, yet the cold is already starting to get you.  The thoughts of warm sand between your toes, the salty sea air, waves crashing on the shore, and the sounds of laughter from sheer delight seem to be found only in your dreams, unless, of course, you start planning for your next vacation sooner than later. And what better time than now to get away from the colder weather?

Now you may be thinking how on earth you could start thinking about a vacation especially in the middle of the busy holiday season, much less, pack for one. Did you know that packing for vacation has never been easier? Why? Because you only need five things to have a great getaway because the Space Coast has you covered with the other essentials.

Top five things to pack for a vacation to Florida’s Space Coast:

1. Casual Summer Clothes

There’s no need to get all fancy (unless you want to of course) and buy a whole new wardrobe for a getaway. The causal laid-back style of the Space Coast allows for you to “come as you are” and enjoy a great time away. Pack your shorts, T-shirts, tanks, flip flops, and the essential swimsuit or two and plan to take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy your time away.


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2. Beach Equipment

A Space Coast vacation is not complete without a trip to the beach. From swimming and hanging 10 on a surf board to sun bathing and riding bikes, there’s a variety of activities available for the family to partake in. But before you pack that boogie board, keep in mind that Ron Jon Surf Shop, Cocoa Beach Surf Company and Longboard House have everything you need to make the most of your beach trip. Whether you need sunscreen, towels or rentals like chairs and umbrellas, this makes packing to the Space Coast a tad bit easier.


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3. Binoculars

You may be thinking, this is a random item to bring on vacation, especially if you plan to spend most of your time on the beach, but having a set of binoculars with you gives the opportunity to catch a few of the many attractions the Space Coast has that brings visitors, like yourself, to the area. One of the main reasons is to catch one of the rocket launches, up close, without leaving your beach chair. Or if you happen to be out strolling one of the many nature trails, come in close without scaring off the native wildlife so you can be in awe of the beauty of the animals that make the Space Coast home.


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4. Cash

You don’t need a lot of money to have a vacation to remember, but you do need to bring some. With accommodation deals and other practical ways to save, it’s easy to have a nice getaway without breaking the bank.

5. Memory Recording Device

Whether you are a photographer pro, an amateur video montage creator, or you just quickly snap a shot so you can look back on a fun time, ensuring that you bring some kind of recording device is necessary so you can remember all the memories you made while vacationing here on the Space Coast.

As you can see, planning and packing for a Space Coast vacation is super simple and stress-free. There’s no need to bring everything for your beach vacation when there are many stores beachside stocked and ready for you. And there’s no need to cram your vehicle packed with a bunch of stuff when you rent items. So, rest easy and pack the essentials listed above and check out the links below to get started on planning your vacation now.

Places to Stay

Eat Some Food

Things to Do

If you need additional assistance in creating a planned-out getaway, check out the online planner here.

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