Summer Vacation on Florida's Space Coast

Summer Vacation on Florida's Space Coast

Vacay this Summer on the Space Coast

Plan your Summer Vacation on the Space Coast

“Vacation all I ever wanted.” The Go-Go’s had it almost right with their 1982 song. Yes, it’s true, most people want and need a vacation no matter the reason, but unlike the Go-Go’s, vacation is not meant to be spent alone. We want to vacation with you. How so? Well, we want to help you plan out your summer vacay by giving you some ideas of what to do and where to go.

Smoke on the Water & Fire in the Sky

When: July 3-5, 2018

Time: 8 p.m.-10 p.m.

Locations: Various

July 3: Port Canaveral

July 4: Cocoa Riverfront Park

July 5: Cocoa Beach

One of the biggest events in summer is Fourth of July and the Space Coast knows how to make the 4th one to remember. With three days of firework action, you and your family are sure to have a blast as you celebrate America’s independence all while getting to explore and experience different locations and the beautiful scenery our area.

Sea Turtle Walk

When: Between May – October

Time: Varies

Locations: Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

If you have ever visited one of our beaches along the Space Coast between May and October, more than likely you would have seen yellow signs warning you to watch out for turtle nests. Yet, the likelihood of actually seeing one of these turtles is slim to none, unless you plan to take a Sea Turtle Walk with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS). STPS provide walks to the public to observe nesting sea turtles. These walks include an educational presentation about Florida’s sea turtles that nest in the area, the threats they encounter, and how you can help keep them safe prior to going out to observe them in their natural habitat. This is a great experience for any and all ages to enjoy.

Rocket Launches

When: Varies

Time: Varies

Viewing Locations: Take your pick

We aren’t called the Space Coast for any reason. This area has been home to launch activities since 1949 and you can experience this awe-inspiring and majestic sight up close at some of our top viewing spots, from beaches to riverfront parks and even Kennedy Space Center. Rocket launches are on our bucket list of top things to do here, so we highly recommend it being a part of your summer vacation plans.


When: Summer months

Times: Best seen at night

Locations: Varies

Want to see the waters come alive at night for a truly magical experience? Then you will want to book a bioluminescence tour with one of our many guides. Occurring during the summer months, the best viewing times are between July and September, so you’ll want to consider that as you plan for your time away. Pictures and videos do not fully capture what you can experience in person. Bioluminescence is something that anyone can enjoy and there are plenty of options on how you can experience this natural phenomenon that is perfect for you.


Florida, on its own, is a tropical paradise that people from all over the world come and enjoy. But did you know that we offer a way to further experience paradise by offering cruises to islands not so far away? Port Canaveral, named the “Best North American Homeport” by Cruise Critic ®, is home to several cruise lines that make your time on the Space Coast one to remember. But you’ll want to take advantage of the many snooze ‘n cruise packages so you can ensure that you don’t miss your boat and that you can fully experience all the attractions this area has to offer before setting sail.

Summer liftoff in 3…2…1! See you soon on Florida’s Space Coast!

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