The Tico Belle airplane at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum

The Tico Belle airplane at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum

Top Museums to Visit in Titusville

Good news for all you history buffs. Titusville is the perfect destination to satisfy your desire to learn more about American history and culture. These top museums to visit in Titusville are located within seven miles of each other, and there’s no better way to get an out-of-this-world experience on the Space Coast.

American Police Hall of Fame

Come to the nation’s first, all exclusive law enforcement museum that features exhibits, police vehicles, law enforcement equipment and activities suitable for kids. While visiting the American Police Hall of Fame, you will learn about the history of law enforcement by viewing over 11,000 artifacts. Plus, there’s interactive displays and simulators and a 24-lane gun range.

The museum also houses a memorial that honors officers killed in the line of duty. Take a moment to pay respect to those fallen in active duty since the 1960s. Each year, during Police Week, a large memorial service is held and it’s an honor to take part in.



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Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum

Head to the Space Coast Regional Airport where the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum is and learn about the past and future of military aircrafts. The museum is home to over 45 historic planes, both vintage and new, in a 30,000 square-foot hangar. Get an up close look at aircrafts from WWI to the present, as well as military artifacts in the Memorabilia Hall. Get an up close glance at past war veteran uniforms, equipment and weapons. Most of the workers on site have a history with aircrafts, and typically share personal stories while giving tours of the museum.

Coming in September 2018, you can take a ride in the newly renovated flagship Tico Belle, a C-47. Another feature of the museum is the Fly-In Breakfast that takes place on the second Saturday each month. Plus, a yearly airshow takes place in the spring that you don’t want to miss.



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American Space Museum and Walk of Fame

If you can’t get enough of space exploration, the American Space Museum and Walk of Fame highlights some of NASA’s greatest moments. Travel back in time and view stellar space program memorabilia. From uniforms and equipment to space food, get a glimpse of how the space program has evolved over the year. One of the most popular rooms in the museum is the Cape Canaveral Room where you’ll hear sounds from a countdown and launch. Also, there’s an interactive area for children in the Discovery Room, a place where young minds can create their own ideas of space exploration.

Outside the museum is a Space View Park, which is truly remarkable. This public park is filled with monuments, plaques and hand prints honoring the Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. This park is also a top spot to watch a rocket launch from on the Space Coast.


Titusville is a close home to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex. Pair that experience with the museums mentioned above, it’s time to get excited and plan a trip to Titusville.

You’re going to learn and see so much of American history during your stay on the Space Coast. You never know, you may run into an astronaut and get a chance to learn their personal story.

Join the many visitors to the Space Coast and make your stay one you’ll want to enjoy over and over again. Learn more by ordering your vacation guide here.