A fusion dish from Third Culture Kitchen in Titusville, FL

Korean Barbecue Ribs from Third Culture Kitchen

Third Culture Kitchen: Where Fusion Meets Foodie

An up-and-coming restaurant in Titusville, Third Culture Kitchen, is making waves with its fusion-style menu and unique cocktail bar. Just 25 minutes from Port Canaveral and 15 minutes from Kennedy Space Center, this foodie hotspot is bursting with character, flavor, and top-notch service in a casual atmosphere.

The Space

As soon as you pull up to Third Culture Kitchen, you’ll know you’ve found a hip hang-out. The large outdoor patio space is decked out with string lights, modern-style seating, and abstract, artistic exterior walls.

Patio at Third Culture Kitchen in Titusville, FL

Once inside, you’ll enjoy an inviting, laid-back atmosphere with modern decor and plenty of seating. Third Culture Kitchen does an excellent job of making their space feel like an extension of their overall restaurant concept – a celebration of the global fusion that happens as society becomes more unified. And where that celebration really comes through is in the cuisine.

The Menu

At first glance, we knew we were in our element. Nothing on the menu here is overly traditional, and there’s a huge variety to choose from. Plenty of fun, creative dishes caught our eye that we had never seen anywhere else. Mexican Flatbread, Asian Chicken Wings, Cauliflower Chimichurri, Brisket Burrito, Bao, Street Tacos…it’s not every day you find a place that can master such a variety of cultural dishes, so we were excited to get the experience!

A significant part of what makes Third Culture Kitchen unique is their commitment to providing plenty of allergy and diet-friendly options. This is a place where vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free visitors will feel right at home. With everything custom-made fresh in-house, you can customize many dishes to fit your own unique needs, and the staff here is more than willing to accommodate.

Asian chicken wings from Third Culture Kitchen

Another hallmark of Third Culture Kitchen is the cocktail bar. The owners here are passionate about bringing in unique drinks that you won’t find at any other bars in the area. Cocktails here are ever-changing seasonally and custom-made with only the freshest ingredients. Some fun ones on the current menu include the “Mule of the Rising Sun” – made with local starfruit puree, Australian ginger beer, and Suntory Haku Vodka; or the “Ugg Boots” – house-made horchata, coconut cream, pumpkin seed orgeat, and spiced rum. Bartenders here are encouraged to be creative to ensure everyone has a memorable, unique experience at their bar.

Our Experience

After studying the menu and experiencing a degree of FOMO (everything looked so good), we chose the Fried Cheese and Asian Chicken Wings as appetizers. Both were home-runs that we highly recommend. The Fried Cheese was made with queso fresco and served with a Jalapeño dipping cream – fantastic!

Creamy coconut shrimp bowl from Third Culture Kitchen

And we thoroughly enjoyed the Asian Chicken Wings in all their fall-off-the-bone glory. We learned that these babies are actually a two-day process to make with all the marinating and slow-cooking, and it really comes through in the taste!

For our entrees, we chose the Korean Barbecue ribs and the Creamy Coconut Shrimp Bowl. Like the wings, the ribs here are also a multiple-day process from start to finish. The flavors go deep with a ginger scallion Tamari sauce and Korean chili paste, then they are fried to get a slight crisp. It makes for a very flavorful and satisfying experience.

The Shrimp Bowl was every bit as satisfying. Warm, nutty coconut flavors in a creamy sauce, a spicy Jalapeño kick, and perfectly sautéed shrimp on a high pile of Jasmine rice.

Finally, dessert! We tried the “Turon,” a sugar-glazed, Thai banana fried in a spring roll wrapper. This dessert was nice because it’s on the lighter side but still feels like an indulgence; a perfect way to cap off a great meal!

Overall, we were genuinely blown away by the foodie paradise this place really was. The dishes here are inspired from all over the world, but served in a cohesive style that makes the “fusion” concept feel very natural. Not many restaurants can pull that off, but Third Culture Kitchen has mastered the art.

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