Baby Boomer on the Space Coast

Baby Boomer on the Space Coast

Savvy Young Boomers Invade Florida’s Space Coast

Savvy Young Boomers Invade Florida’s Space Coast

My adult millennial kids think they know ALL about how their 60+ parents live and travel. Of course, they’ve got it all wrong!

In case you were wondering, us young boomers don’t...

  • Always seek out discounts [except golf, of course, but who doesn't].
  • Wear black socks with our white shoes.
  • Drive ourselves crazy worrying about finding early-bird specials.
  • All wear loud clothes because our eyeball color receptors are shot.

Even by their lofty standards, we do things that are interesting and fun like:

  • Arrive by plane, car, train, camper, Uber/Lyft, and motorcycle.
  • Enjoy good restaurants, music, dancing, bars and pubs, and smart places to stay.
  • Participate in various activities. Shopping, fishing, cruising, and gambling to name a few.
  • Exploring art galleries and historic places, seeing animals at the zoo, hike, tour national parks, or swing a racquet or club.
  • Soak up sun on the beach (and no, we don’t mind seeing bikinis).
  • Snap photos and selfies to share with our friends.
  • Live like we might have enough money...or just enough.

You might say that we’re a pretty cool bunch.

What my kids don’t get is that I may be 65, but my internal age is closer to 35. Bernard Baruch said, “Old age is always fifteen years older than I am.” Make it 30 for me.

If you fall in the dreaded media “senior demo” this blog is for you. Because we don’t think of ourselves as seniors, don’t act like seniors, and we’re always on the lookout for new and great things to experience.

Quick primer for planning a visit to Florida’s Space Coast.

First, here’s why Florida’s Space Coast is a great place to visit:

  • It’s easy to get here from just anywhere.
  • From a hotel room or campground, you’re less than 45 minutes to almost everything on the Space Coast.
  • That list includes the Kennedy Space Center, beaches, cruise ships, gambling boats, fishing, airboat rides, shopping, historic sites, eating, drinking, and sports.
  • Nothing is too expensive to enjoy. Your dollar goes a long way here.

Second, how to start planning a trip to Florida’s Space Coast.

Start by talking to friends. The Internet is the popular go-to place for info and reviews, but a human-based big picture is helpful for what to do and where to stay. Once you’ve got the 10,000 foot view, settle into the Internet for reviews, details, and prices. Or you can order a vacation planner here.

Ask people of all ages what they think. I avoid places that pretend to cater to gray hair. The words “senior discount” are talking to my parents. Clearly, GenX and Millennial visitors have a different take on vacations and travel, but I like a balance of generations where we go. You might combine a great brewpub with historic sites. I’ll talk about these in the coming months.

Third, where to stay.

Since you’ll never be that far from everything -- and since traffic congestion isn’t an issue --  you’ll have a lot of choices. You can be on the beach in a full-service modern hotel, or, a funky little beachside motel. There are beautifully restored bed & breakfasts up and down Florida’s Space Coast. You might find something interesting on sites like AirBnB and VRBO. And, there are campgrounds and places to hook up your RV.  I’ll talk about these in the coming months, too.

Fourth, getting around.

Your own car or a rental car is the best choice.

Florida’s Space Coast is a car-county with busy streets, but there are many cities throughout the Space Coast that offer pedestrian and bike-friendly pathways. The majority of Cocoa Beach provides sidewalks to help visitors navigate A1A.  Alternatively, there are taxi cabs, Uber/Lyft services, and countywide bus service.

Finally, what to do while your here.

This is the cool part of visiting Florida’s Space Coast. After you’ve found a place to stay and figured out how to get around, there’s a lot to do. I hear they’re launching rockets again on the Space Coast and that there’s a brewpub in Titusville. Rockets and beer, what a great combination. I’ll start sharing more on that next time. Until next month.