Project Time Off on Florida's Space Coast

Project Time Off on Florida's Space Coast

Project Time Off – Why you should start planning a getaway now

Top 5 Reasons to Book Your Next Vacation in the New Year

Did you know that with the increase in working anytime from anywhere and everywhere, most people are not giving themselves down time like they need? You probably find yourself daydreaming of sinking that hole-in-one or laying out on the beach or reeling in the big catch of the day. However, you stuff those dreams back in your work desk drawer because who really has time for that anyways?

Well before you write off your #VacationGoals, here’s the top 5 reasons why you need to book a vacation in the new year. After all, you deserve to take a proper vacation.

  • First pick on desirable days off

First of all, most days in Florida are great days to visit. It isn’t known as the “Sunshine State” for no reason. So as you get ready to tackle the new year, take advantage of your calendar now! Set aside that week you will have most definitely earned and have your pick of when YOU want to take a break. Don’t let the deadlines tell you when you can vacation. This is when you get to be the boss of your life.

Now that you’ve chosen the date for your next vacation, you can now start planning for all the activities you want to enjoy. Planning ahead for different excursions will ensure that you won’t miss out on the ones you want to do the most and it will help in finding discounts and specials that will make your wallet very happy.

One of the advantages of planning out your vacation is that it allows for you to budget well. And since you’ve already started planning out the activities you want to partake in, you’ll be able to have a good idea of what you’ll need to set aside moneywise so that this vacation doesn’t add any additional stress and you’ll actually enjoy the time off even more.

As mentioned earlier, work life has shifted to a work from anywhere and everywhere and even anytime that it can be challenging to disconnect in order to rest and relax. Research shows that individuals who take vacations significantly decrease health and exhaustion issues, so go ahead and mark your calendar for your time off. You, your family, and your work will all thank you.

And now that the wheels in your mind are spinning about your next vacation here on Florida’s Space Coast, go find your favorite picture of rest and relaxation, print it out (in color of course), set your computer background, and start looking forward to the time off. Keeping that snapshot in front of you will help ensure you don’t cancel your much-needed time off and keep you smiling throughout the day because you have something to look forward to enjoying.

So now that you not only understand the importance of taking time away from work, here are a few other links to check out to help you finish planning out your next vacation here on Florida’s Space Coast.

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