Pokemon Go at the Brevard Zoo

Pokemon Go at the Brevard Zoo

Pokémon Go Goes Nuts on Florida’s Space Coast

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week, you’ve probably noticed that there’s droves of people at local attractions, parks, even your own neighborhood with their phones out, chasing what seems like imaginary creatures. Well, you’re partially correct. It’s the gaming phenomenon that is currently sweeping the nation, Pokémon Go!

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a new augmented reality app game from Nintendo. Users can become a Pokémon trainer and go to different locations to hunt and catch Pokémon. The closest word I can use to describe the reaction to this new sensation would be insanity.

Over the past couple of days, our team has been scouting the area looking for places that might be ideal for catching Pokémon. Here are the top places for Pokémon Go on Florida’s Space Coast:

KSC Space Rendezvous 2015 blog post

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is by far one of the coolest places to find Pokémon. In addition to decades of space memorabilia, history and out of this world attractions, there are tons of Pokéstops and gyms. They have three gyms and 20+ stops sprinkled all throughout the park including the President John F. Kennedy fountain out front at the entrance and at the Atlantis Shuttle Exhibit inside. Rumor has it that Pikachu has been known to hang around the Rocket Garden.

SpaceX Rocket Launch

Port Canaveral

You can’t ask for a better location to play Pokémon Go! Imagine this…you’re eating some of the best seafood you’ve ever had, a cold drink in your hand, cruise ships passing by on their way to the Atlantic Ocean, and a Squirtle appears out of nowhere! Talk about checking something off of your bucket list.

Throughout the Cove area there are 11 Pokéstops and four gyms. The Cove is a nice little stretch of waterside seafood restaurants and shops and a gym is located at both sides with plenty of Pokéstops in-between. Not to mention a stop at the Exploration Tower, with the best view of the cape on the seventh floor viewing deck but be on the lookout for Pidgeotto’s flying overhead.

Downtown Shopping

Cocoa Village

If you’re looking for the busiest and most fruitful Pokémon Go location on Florida’s Space Coast, then look no further! Cocoa Village boasts a plethora of Poke-goodies (trademark pending, just kidding!) This area tends to have rare Pokémon pop up when you stroll throughout its tree-lined streets and Riverfront Park.

Due to the amount of foot traffic the village receives on a daily basis, we consider this a safe public area to play the game in. There are four gyms and 36 Pokéstops peppered all over the area including works of art and memorials in the Riverfront Park. Speaking of the Riverfront Park, no spot is more popular and rewarding. You have access to over 10 Pokéstops and a gym in the middle of the grassy amphitheater area, which happens to change between Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct about every 30 minutes it seems. Cocoa Village is tons of fun and has amazing shops, restaurants, and bars for you to take a break at while Pokémoning!

Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach

There’s only one way to beat the heat and catch as many water-type Pokémon as you can possibly handle, and we have that covered at Cocoa Beach. Beaches have proven to be awesome spots to find water-based and even rare Pokémon, and Florida’s Space Coast happens to have the longest stretch of beaches in the entire state of Florida at 72 miles long.

The best part is there are Pokéstops and gyms all along Cocoa Beach. Downtown Cocoa Beach is a great spot with excellent small businesses and restaurants with that authentic beach vibe. It’s got 16 stops and four gyms, including a gym at Coconuts on the Beach, which means you can catch Pokémon and restock on your items all while relaxing and tanning in your beach chair with your toes in the sand.

Don’t forget to check out the gym at the famous Kelly Slater statue and pay respects to the greatest surfer of all time. Some other killer spots are at Lori Wilson Park with six stops, Sydney Fischer Park with two spots, the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier with one gym and three spots, and the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop with one gym and eight stops.

Brevard Zoo- Giraffe feeding


If you want more of an adventurous feel and love animals and the outdoors, the Brevard Zoo is your Pokémon hotspot. The zoo in its own right is an absolutely amazing location to visit. Not only can you feed giraffes, kayak through animal exhibits, and get hands on with the animals, you can catch Pokémon on lemur island! Can you picture lemurs, Scythers, and Psyducks all side by side? The zoo is the proud home of three gyms and 30+ Pokéstops inside and in the immediate vicinity.

Another great location in Viera is The Avenue Viera. This outdoor mall is a great spot for the whole family to enjoy the game together. Plenty of stores and restaurants for all ages, and it’s home to two gyms and 12 Pokéstops. And if that isn’t enough for you, the neighboring park has another two gyms and more Pokéstops.

Please remember to be respectful of others that are not trainers…yet! And always pay attention to your surroundings and NEVER play while driving. It’s not worth it. Now that we’ve shared the best spots to try and become a Pokémon Master on Florida’s Space Coast, make sure you get out there and explore all that the area has to offer. And remember to be the very best, like no one ever was; you've got to catch 'em all! 

Main Blog Image Credit: Brevard Zoo Twitter Account @BrevardZoo