Fun on Cocoa Beach

Fun on Cocoa Beach

New Experiences for Someone Who’s Been to Cocoa Beach Before

How often do you find yourself wanting to explore new places, yet end up reverting to that “same old, same old” place, plan the visit, go to the same spots you always frequent, and leave saying, “Eh, that was fun, but I’d really like to go somewhere new?” If you are saying to yourself, “YES…I can so relate,” then keep reading as we, here on Florida’s Space Coast, are going to tell you why coming to visit our world famous Cocoa Beach never gets old.

Cocoa Beach has been a vacationing spot since the space industry kicked off. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center became a focal point for travel to this beautiful town. And with the influx of families moving to the area for work during that time, more businesses started to pop up all along the coast. Over the last 50 years, the appeal of this little town has spanned the globe because it has something for everyone, no matter the age, no matter the preferred interest, from restaurants, breweries, spas, outdoor adventures, music venues, and a community theater. There is always something new to check out when visiting.

Here’s a few places, a few newer and, maybe, unknown places that you may not heard of or been to before.

Dinosaur & Ancient Cultures Museum

Explore prehistoric life, including dinosaurs, and the accomplishments of the ancient people. A venue that couples a hand-on experience with educational information is sure to be a fun experience for all ages.

Rikki Tiki Tavern

Live entertainment, yummy food, and a gorgeous view of the ocean, this is a great place to cozy up to the bar and enjoy a time out with your significant other or a group of friends. Located at the Cocoa Beach Pier, it was recently remodeled and can accommodate many more people than in years past.

Downtown Cocoa Beach

Minuteman Causeway has recently been renovated and it’s a great area to experience international cuisine like Cuban, German, and Caribbean to name a few, as well as live music, and shops to peruse.

Cocoa Beach Brewing Company

A family owned and operated brewery, this is a hidden spot that has several featured beer options, especially their Cocoa Beach Pale Ale, a gold medal winner in the Best Florida Beer Championship. But if you aren’t a beer-drinker and prefer a non-alcoholic option, they brew a mean root beer that has been given a thumbs-up by past visitors.

Surfside Playhouse

A community theater, which has been putting on shows since 1959, is a great opportunity to be entertained by some of our locals.

Florida Surf Museum

Whether you are an avid surfer or just appreciate the skill of those who ride the waves, you will get an inside look at the history of surfing here in Cocoa Beach.

Nolan’s Irish Pub

A traditional and authentic Irish pub, features live music to go with your “perfect pint” and traditional Irish fare.

These are just a few of many of the available places to check out and with the beautiful, fall weather Florida’s Space Coast is experiencing right now, what a great time to come and visit. We promise that this time, you won’t be leaving with the “same old, same old” feeling because we are confident that you will find new little secret spots in our famous town. But if you want some assistance with planning a long weekend trip or even a weeklong get away, you can use our vacation planner to assist you. We can’t wait to have you back! See you soon!

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