SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

Make Your Spring Getaway a Space Getaway

The Space Coast has yet again made history with the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket earlier this month. If you missed the historic launch, you can check it out here. The Space Coast has been home to the space industry, most notably, since the 1960’s; however, launch activities actually date back to late 1940’s when President Truman established a test missile range here in Cape Canaveral. 

Since then, the Space Coast has seen thousands of launches from missile tests to both manned and unmanned rockets and then eventually space shuttles. Any local would tell you that these launches never get old. There is something so majestic and awe-inspiring about seeing, what looks like a toy, power through and defy gravity, that, depending on where you view the launch, literally makes you tremble to your core. The thunderous, rolling rumble is not only felt miles away from the launch site, but also heard. It’s quite common for homes to shake, pictures sometimes falling off the wall, because of the power these vessels contain. And then to experience the sonic booms when some of the parts return back to earth; there really is nothing quite like experiencing a launch here on our coast.

Plan a Trip and See for Yourself!

And with the wealth of historical information that’s available, we want you to start planning your spring getaway now and make it a “Space” getaway. The weather here is perfect this time of the year to go explore all things space-related that brings visitors from all over the world. You can have lunch with an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center while taking a tour through space history.  You can even go through astronaut training in the new ATX experience. Walk among the giants in the Rocket Garden and take a behind the gates tour of the operational facilities and other historic launch sites.

Take in a Launch

You can also check the rocket launch schedule to make sure you choose the right time to visit. Space Coast Launches gives you a brief rundown of what the purposes of each launch mission is, as well as launch viewing spots, so you won’t miss any of the action. Some of the more upcoming launches are in the evening and what a spectacular sight to see as the night sky lights up as these rockets take flight. But no matter what time of the day you watch, you’ll forever remember the experience.

After you had your opportunity to tour the Space Center and view a launch, head on over to the American Space Museum and Walk of Fame. What is different about this stop in your space getaway is that this museum was created to help preserve space history and honor the men and women who were a part of its incredible past and present. With displays of donated items to working consoles from the retired space shuttle program firing rooms, there is plenty to discover and learn.

The opportunity to experience history is one that is both fun and educational. So whether you are an individual or a family planning a spring getaway, you won’t get bored with all the interesting space facts; we think you’ll leave wanting to come back for more. But to help you get started on your planning, check out the links below: