Live music in Melbourne and the Beaches

Live music in Melbourne and the Beaches

Live Sound Waves on Florida’s Space Coast in Melbourne & The Beaches

Imagine yourself on an outside deck, enjoying a beautiful Florida evening while looking over the glassy water. You’re enjoying a cold pint while listening to talented musicians filling the air with upbeat music, which has everyone around the deck laughing, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Florida’s Space Coast is known for many things, but the live music scene in Melbourne & The Beaches is just as active as some of the nation’s largest cities.

Andrew Walker, a local musician and audio engineer, eats, breathes, and lives music. He is currently in four bands that can be seen performing live at several venues in Melbourne & The Beaches: The Spacewalkers, Island Ties, Drew Barry & Moore, and 23 Treez. You can see him singing, playing guitar, playing hand drums, bass, or even the African hand drum, the djembe. When he’s not playing live music, he’s hosting a weekly Acoustic Showcase and VIP Open Mic night at Mainstreet Pub on Tuesdays from 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. in downtown Melbourne. “It’s an invite-based open mic, and I also accept submissions from people I haven’t had the chance to meet yet,” says Walker.

Walker talks about the several places that you can catch live music on Florida’s Space Coast that offer a variety of amazing live performers that you can choose based on your musical taste.

Monkey Bar

Located on A1A in Indialantic, Monkey Bar has the perfect beach vibe that allows you to listen to live music from a variety of artists, from reggae to rock, while playing an intense game of life-size Jenga. Also, you can enjoy your libations on the cheap if you come during happy hour, which is every day from 11:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Lou’s Blues

Also located on A1A in Indialantic, Lou’s Blues gives that hipster, dive bar feel right on the beach. They have one of the most packed live music calendars on Florida’s Space Coast. You can hear the best of blues, cover bands, rock, and island jams with the waves crashing on the beach in the background.

Mainstreet Pub

Located in the heart of downtown Melbourne, check out the invitation-only VIP Acoustic Showcase hosted by Andrew Walker on Tuesdays, or enjoy some reggae during Happy Hour in the Tiki Bar. If dance music and EDM are more your thing, come out on Friday or Saturday night to jam to the beats of DJ LouDog or DJ Knockout.

Oasis Lounge

The Oasis Lounge in Melbourne Beach is also a great place to enjoy some especially talented live musicians on Florida’s Space Coast. On Wednesdays, check out the jam sessions that take place to get a special taste of the talent in this area.

Matt’s Casbah

Matt’s Casbah in downtown Melbourne has a variety of live musicians that play every Tuesday - Saturday from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. on the patio. Take part in the “Longest Ever Happy Hour” while you’re there, and chow down on some appetizers.

The Grills Riverside

Listen to the live bands or just come to see the dolphins dance at either the Port Canaveral location or the Melbourne location on the Indian River Lagoon. They have a variety of music you can hear Wednesday through Sunday in the evenings. Eat fresh seafood, enjoy the water, and jam out to the live music.

While Florida’s Space Coast has so much to offer, Walker says what makes it different from anything else is, “It’s very different. Nothing compares to dancing, and that elated feeling you get when a song you love is vibrating the air around you, shaking your cells, and looking over and seeing the same smile on a friend or significant other’s face. Music is a big part of our 321 culture.”

Walker talks about the need to support local, live musicians, especially on Florida’s Space Coast. “I know everyone loves music. Successful musicians are some of the hardest working people. Give them a chance to work by offering them more gigs, tips, sales from their [merchandise] tables, and sponsorships,” he says. “The music scene cannot exist without support, so do whatever you can to help. They need your help. I thank you, and they will thank you, too!”

So, get out there, and enjoy a cold drink, some Florida weather, and incredible live music in Melbourne & The Beaches on Florida’s Space Coast.