Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

How to enjoy sea turtles on Florida’s Space Coast

“Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.” ~Bruce Feiler~

The Space Coast has a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors and the natural habitat that makes the area world-renown as a prime spot to visit. One of the little-known adventures you can experience is a sea turtle walk. The three different species of sea turtles that are native to Florida’s Space Coast are the Loggerhead, Leatherback, and Green Sea Turtles, with the Leatherback being the largest and most rare. There is something majestic yet peaceful when watching these creatures nest and ultimately seeing new hatchlings emerge. It’s an opportunity to take a moment to, as Bruce Feiler says, “behold the world in pause.”

Plan a visit to see sea turtles

The best time of the year to see these fascinating creatures is typically between the months of May and October, but trying to find them on your own can prove to be a challenge unless you plan to take a Sea Turtle Walk with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS). STPS provides walks to the public that include an educational presentation about Florida’s sea turtles that nest in the area, the threats they encounter, and how you can help keep them safe prior to going out to observe them in their natural habitat.

Spot a sea turtle? Keep these tips in mind!

In order to prepare for your sea turtle walk, here are a few tips and ways to make it the best experience for both you and the sea turtles:

  1. Do not disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or their nests.
  2. Use designated crossovers and walkways.
  3. Do not climb on the dunes.
  4. Keep the beaches clean by disposing of trash properly, including cigarette butts.
  5. Remove personal items by nightfall and leave nothing but footprints behind.
  6. If you dig a hole or see a hole on the beach, fill it back in so none of the sea turtles get stuck.
  7. If you build sand castles, take your pictures to remember your beautiful creation, then tear it down so the turtles don’t have to dodge obstacles.
  8. Keep the beach dark, cell phone lights and flashlights can disorient nesting turtles and the hatchlings. 
  9. Should you find a hatchling, contact the Sea Turtle Preservation Society at (321) 206-0646 (a 24/7 hotline).

*Check out our short video for tips and an idea of what to expect on one of these walks here.

This truly is a great experience for any and all ages to enjoy and we hope you choose to visit the Space Coast and have this unique opportunity become one of your favorite memories here. Stay up to date with the Loggerhead Lowdown, a blog that highlights new nests popping up along the Space Coast and other information.

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