The Project Apollo Monument at the US Space Walk of Fame in Titusville, FL

Project Apollo Monument | U.S. Space Walk of Fame

Here’s Your Guide to a Perfect Day in Titusville

Science and nature and space…Oh My!!

Planning a visit to Florida’s Space Coast and want to experience what the area has to offer but also want to enjoy something you haven’t really done before? Go ahead. Keep on reading.

The Space Coast is home to quaint villages, historic downtown areas, rocket launches, and surfing hotspots and one of the main cities where you can experience all of that and more is Titusville. Most visitors typically find themselves soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches this area boasts, but there is so much more to explore. Come along as you spend the perfect day in Titusville.

Rise and Shine

They say the early bird gets the worm, but in your case, you get fresh hot cinnamon rolls, muffins, or scones paired with a piping hot cup of coffee or shot of espresso from Sunrise Bread Co. Located Downtown Titusville, Sunrise Bread Co. has been serving locals and guest since the 90s. The warm and friendly atmosphere plus a play area for the littles and free wifi makes this spot a perfect way to start your day. Looking for more than just a light breakfast? Or did you take advantage of sleeping in and now you’re ready for a proper breakfast? Steve’s Family Diner is a true homegrown mom and pop restaurant serving up Southern-style comfort food like corned beef hash, grits, and biscuits and gravy. No matter which place you choose, you’ll be “carbed up” and ready to go on your morning adventure.

Sunrise Bread Co.

315 S. Hopkins Avenue, Titusville | (321) 268-1009

Steve’s Family Diner

2900 S. Washington Avenue, Titusville | (321) 268-3011

Beat the Heat

As you know, the Space Coast is known for its year-round warm weather so starting your morning adventures early is always best, especially if you want to be outside. Titusville is considered the area’s gateway to both nature and all things space related. You can easily spend a whole day at Kennedy Space Center, but if you’re short on time and still want to get your space fix while you are here, head over to the American Space Museum and Walk of Fame. Take a historic walk as videos and photo tours tell you the stories of old as well as the collection of space memorabilia and monuments that are dedicated to preserving the history of Americans in space, but to the people and programs that helped shape what we know about space exploration today. 

If being out in nature is more your thing, you’ll want to check out the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (and ignore the name, this place is accessible via Titusville). A prime spot for those who like to bird watch, this is one of the most diverse estuaries in North America and has been consistently rated as one of the top birding destinations in the United States as it’s home to over 350 species of birds. 

Recreational opportunities are also offered here. From fishing and hunting to trails that are dog friendly, these are just a few of the many activities available to participate in. If you are finished there and still want to explore more in nature, the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary gives you access to where you can experience several different ecosystems from majestic oak hammocks, wet prairies, pine flatwood, and the Atlantic Coastal Ridge in just one short hike. This designated wildlife sanctuary is also a great place for those of you who enjoy taking your camera wherever you go. With the natural landscape and native wildlife like the white-tailed deer, Florida scrub lizard, gopher tortoises, woodpeckers and a variety of butterflies, there are photo ops everywhere you turn. At the end of your hike, stop by the educational facility where there is an interactive exhibit room, a library, and a gift shop to top off your day outdoors.

American Space Museum and Walk of Fame

308 Pine Street, Titusville | (321) 264-0434

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

1987 Scrub Jay Way, Titusville | (321) 861-0669

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

444 Columbia Boulevard, Titusville | (321) 264-5185

Lunch Time

You’ve worked off your breakfast and have explored outdoors, and now it’s time to get some grub and you don’t want to miss dining at Dixie Crossroads. A local and visitor favorite, this long-standing restaurant has been serving delicious wild ocean-caught seafood since 1983. The menu includes other treats beside seafood like char-grilled steaks, prime rib, and the infamous corn fritters. Whether with your family or a group of friends, this casual dining experience will leave you wanting to come back for dinner, but you don’t want to miss out on other places, just eat your fill here for lunch and you’ll see what else Titusville offers for dinner if you keep reading.

Dixie Crossroads

1475 Garden Street, Titusville | (321) 268-5000

Afternoon Stroll

In order to work off the great lunch and all the corn fritters you just had, take an afternoon stroll through one or two more museums Titusville is home to. The American Police Hall of Fame is the nation’s first national law enforcement museum and memorial dedicated to officers killed in the line of duty. You will learn about the history and current trends in American law enforcement with interactive displays, simulators, and roughly 11,000 artifacts. Explore a collection of historic and futuristic police cars, or learn about how law enforcement agencies do their forensic investigations and how crime scenes are analyzed. 

If fighting crime isn’t something you’re interested in, but old warplanes are, then head over to the Valiant Warbird Museum and see history up close. This museum is home to all types of vintage aircraft dating back to as early as pre-WWI era and to present day. Take a tour around the 10 acres to see its collection of memorabilia and artifacts. Take in the sights from the ground and watch history fly right by.

American Police Hall of Fame 

6350 Horizon Boulevard, Titusville | (321) 264-0911

Valiant Warbird Museum

6600 Tico Road, Titusville | (321) 268-1941

Finish the perfect day

Phew…what a day you just had exploring Titusville. Ready to eat some dinner? Third Culture Kitchen, a multicultural experience where the fusion of foods from all over the world is at your fingertips, is a restaurant that will pleasantly surprise you as soon as you step foot inside. With a mission that combines curiosity and authenticity in order to turn you on to something new to hit your palate, Third Culture Kitchen highly encourages you to come on in, grab a beer, and make some great memories together while you’re dazzled with world-inspired combinations. Does this sound a bit too out there for you? Do you prefer something a little more traditional, but still want something unique? Try Playalinda Brewery

Playalinda Brewery established the first microbrewery in the northern part of the Space Coast. The Hardware Store location transformed one of the city’s oldest buildings in to a fully functional, modern taproom. Not only will you get to choose from several craft beers, you’ll also be able to enjoy wine and other pub fare, all while enjoying a piece of Space Coast’s history and small-town charm. In 2016, Playalinda Brewery opened a second location just a few miles south called the Brix Project.  But don’t expect the same look and feel. This location has a more hip vibe and offers you an expanded menu, not only with food, but also with your drink options. And unlike the hardware store, Brix Project is home to Playalinda’s distillery and serves up some great concoctions you won’t want to miss.

Third Culture Kitchen

1000 Cheney Highway, Titusville | (321) 225-4103

Playalinda Brewery – Hardware Store

305 S. Washington Avenue, Titusville | (321) 255-8978

Playalinda Brewery – Brix Project

5220 S. Washington Avenue, Titusville | (321) 567-5974

Now that you have a perfect day in Titusville mapped out for you, there’s one day you don’t have to plan. Or better yet, you can extend your visit to get all the things mentioned above in. Still need help getting the rest of your time here on the Space Coast planned? Check out the Vacation Planner for all things Space Coast to help you discover places to stay and other things to do. Or click on the links below for more on what Titusville and the surrounding areas have to offer.

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Restaurants in Titusville

Things to do


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