Going Beyond Your Cruise

Going Beyond Your Cruise

Going Beyond Your Cruise on Florida’s Space Coast

So, you’ve booked a cruise, and you cannot stop picturing yourself on the deck of the boat with a tropical drink in hand soaking up the sun while the kids enjoy the pool’s long water slide. The adventure doesn’t have to stop there. Now, imagine yourself experiencing the coast of Florida in a way that is breathtaking, educational, adventurous, and active. Florida’s Space Coast is the perfect pre or post-cruise destination and you can experience the Space Coast as more than just a port of departure.

The natural attractions and outdoor activities can be an immersive experience to add on to your family vacation. Beyond the beautiful beaches and wealth of cultural attractions, Florida’s Space Coast offers plenty of opportunities to experience nature at its finest. Let’s explore some of these activities that can be a unique experience for you and your family.

On the Hunt for Manatees

Manatees are Florida’s gentle creatures, and they’re a truly unique experience for anyone who is visiting from outside of Florida. Walking up to the water, you see the manatees float to the surface and munching on sea vegetation. If you’re visiting during a colder time of year, you’ll see the manatees as they huddle together in canals and rivers for warmth. Guided tours, like the one offered at All Water Adventures, can give you a one-of-kind interactive experience on a boat ride, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can paddle board or kayak around the panoramic Thousand Islands. During the manatee encounter, you’ll likely experience other wildlife found in Florida like dolphins or unique fish. This is an experience the whole family will be sure to remember.

A Floridian Beach Picnic

When people think of Florida, they often think of the beach and its scenic shoreline that has an array of people coming to watch the waves crash against the sand or hunt for alluring seashells of all shapes and sizes. While many people come to the beach to just experience the sun, sand, and surf, you can gain a new perspective by hosting a picnic for the family on the beach. Bring fruit, snacks, sandwiches, or a meat and cheese platter with some fun fizzy drinks to make the beach an experience your family won’t soon forget. Make sure to shield your food from the aggressive seagulls. They will surely try to dive in the hopes of catching some scraps, and your neighbors may not be happy with the additional aviary attention.

Ride a Horse

Imagine yourself riding through the natural trails of Florida surrounded by palm trees and mangroves on the back of a beautiful, majestic horse while you take in the surroundings as the warm sun beats down on your face. This is an attraction most people don’t typically think of when it comes to visiting Florida, but by immersing yourself in nature, you can see things that mainstream tourists will never consider seeing, giving you a more extraordinary experience in the natural Florida environment.

Segway from Destination to Destination

Speaking of finding new ways to experience Florida, Segway tours can provide an atypical Florida experience. The movement of a Segway feels like you're coasting across the ground at a speed that allows the wind to go through your hair and even offers a cool breeze on a hot day. Journey by the wildlife, the cruise ships and the Exploration Tower at a speed that allows you to take in more attractions in a shorter time than a walking tour.

Parasailing Perspectives

Even if you’ve experienced Florida before, have you seen it from 800 feet in the air over the serene and calm Atlantic Ocean. Let the fresh air drag across your face as you sail high above the water and get a new, more extensive view of the beautiful coastline of Florida’s Space Coast.

Don’t limit yourself to a cruise itinerary; make the most of your trip to Florida’s Space Coast by taking part in these natural adventures that will only enhance your cruise experience.