See giraffes during the kayak tour at the Brevard Zoo in Viera, FL

See giraffes during the kayak tour at the Brevard Zoo in Viera, FL

Fun Facts & Things to See at The Brevard Zoo

Are you ready for a new kind of Adventure? If yes, then we hope to see you at the Brevard Zoo! With plenty of hands-on opportunities for youngsters, and unique educational presentations that appeal to the animal lover in us all, there’s a lot going on at the zoo to keep everyone busy. Between the animals, exhibits, and the zoo’s friendly staff and volunteers, a day at the Brevard Zoo is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Come take a walk on the wild side of the Space Coast, and see what’s new at Brevard Zoo.

Fun Facts

In 1992, the construction of the Brevard Zoo was made a reality with the help of 16,000 people, with its gates opening on March 24, 1994. Here’s a few more fun facts about the zoo:

  • The zoo is now home to over 800 animals, and it’s the largest selection you’ll find in the southeast – with over 180 species!
  • The Brevard Zoo is a not-for-profit zoo that focuses on education and participation.
  • They’re the only zoo in the country where you can kayak around an animal exhibit. More on that in a minute!
  • You can see some animals that only a few zoos might also have like the Visayan Warty pig.
  • This zoo is one of few zoos offering ziplining and aerial adventures.  
  • You can also closely encounter creatures like rhinos, birds, giraffes, lemurs, and more. Lean more about these experiences.


There are many ways to experience the Brevard Zoo. If you’re looking for some unique views, then consider taking the kayak tour through Expedition Africa on the Nyami Nyami River, one of the most unique attractions offered in the southeast, and learn about the animals with a guide leading the way. If you’re a thrill seeker, be sure to test your stamina on a Treetop Trek Aerial Adventure for an unforgettable view of the zoo. If you prefer to stay on the ground you can still enjoy a different view, just catch the train for a ride around the zoo and see the animals while aboard. Whatever you decide, there’s plenty of ways to see everything that the Brevard Zoo has to offer.

Hot Spots

The most popular family spot at the zoo is no doubt the giraffe exhibit in Expedition Africa. With an open-style habitat, you can observe and interact with the Zoo’s long-necked inhabitants. Say hello to Johari, Rafiki, and the newest additions to their growing family. This is the perfect opportunity to snap a selfie with the cutest giraffe family on the east coast.

Be sure to catch a glimpse of the adorable meerkats in Expedition Africa as well. You’ll want to make time for these entertainers, as they are crowd-pleasers that love to put on a show. Once you’re ready to explore another continent, head to the newly opened Lands of Change exhibit and socialize with dingos, or spend time with the kangaroos in their unique habitat. There are many other educational and hands-on exhibits to visit, so be sure to travel through the continents and journey all the way around the zoo!

When you visit the Space Coast, be sure to add the Brevard Zoo to your schedule because you’re not going to want to miss this one-of-a-kind experience. From all the animals you will encounter, to all the activities you’ll discover, just know that you’re going to get a full day of adventure! Don't wait to get the full experience of all the amazing sights at the Brevard Zoo.

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