The Fratellis live in Downtown Melbourne

The Fratellis live in Downtown Melbourne

Fratellis on the Space Coast

It’s often that Florida’s Space Coast has concerts and events for all age groups and all interests, so gearing up for the FIT Homecoming Weekend event, November 2-4, 2017, featuring a free concert with The Fratellis is something to come visit and check out.

The Fratellis haven’t toured North America since 2015, and with most people not wanting to skip across the pond to check out one of their European concerts, people will be flocking to see this band. A little bit indie-rock, a little bit post-punk revival, The Fratellis will be bringing their brashly, melodic Scottish sound to the Space Coast and we are sure that if you aren’t already a fan, you will be after experiencing them in person. You can check out one of their videos here.

Besides the free concert, the whole weekend is jam-packed for the FIT Homecoming Weekend. The “weekend” officially starts on Thursday, November 2 with the Downtown Melbourne FIT Homecoming 5K. So, for those of you that want to be a part of some friendly competition, you can sign up for or you can cheer on all the runners while sipping on your drink of choice.

Head on down to the after-race party hosted by Meg O’Malleys where food, drinks, and live entertainment will be sure to get your weekend started off right. Friday night is the free concert with The Fratellis, but couple this free concert with food, drinks, and street vendors and you’ll find yourself dancing in the streets. End the weekend with college football, FIT –vs- West Georgia. Whether they are your favorite college team or not, if you enjoy a good game of ball, then cheer on one of Florida Space Coast’s college teams. You’ll find that you have a new favorite football team by the time you head home.

With the FIT Homecoming Weekend event peaking your interest to come visit for a little getaway, you may be wondering where are the best places to stay, to eat before and after the concert, parking, and other things to do, we wanted to highlight area options for you to help assist you as you plan your trip.


There will be plenty of places to park throughout the Downtown Melbourne area. Be prepared to possibly pay a fee to park in the designated areas, but there will be signs to guide you along the way.


There are many hotel options throughout Florida’s Space Coast and quite a few close to downtown where the events are taking place. To view more options or to book your hotel, click here.


There’s no shortage of great food in Downtown Melbourne. Whether you’re craving Irish food from Meg O’Malleys, burgers from The Mansion, sushi at Matt’s Casbah, or something international from The Nomad Café there’s a place ready to serve you. You can check out all the options here.

Area Attractions

Don’t let your weekend stop after the game on Saturday. Enjoy some of the top area attractions surrounding the Melbourne area. From rock climbing at Adventure HQ and beach days at Paradise Beach to shopping in Downtown and having a wild adventure at the Brevard Zoo, there’s plenty to see and plenty to do during your visit.

The first weekend in November will sure to be etched in your memory once you experience Florida’s Space Coast and all we have to offer and by joining in with the annual FIT Homecoming event.